Hard Work

We’ll its been a long few days. I left Maine Tuesday to attend and to present a diploma to my brother at his academy graduation. A bit of stress to beat the weather as I leave the Northeast.  If you want an extremely restricted plane ticket fly with American Airlines. My normal carry on bag was not accepted. This bag that had my business suit needed to be in his graduation. I gave it up, paying of course, with the expectation that it would arrive at the other side. First fight was fine but that was the last of my good luck. My second flight was delayed because someone forgot something at the gate and we waited for it to be brought out. That delay cut my 40min layover down to 5 mins. I didn’t make that next flight.  At this point I had been awake for 14 hours and only eaten once. The option was to wait until tomorrow or go to the next closest city…3 hours from my orignal destination. I chose the latter. In my wait I met a woman in the same boat and coming from almost the same area. Small world. We flew our detoured flight and rented a car together. My bag, which I wouldn’t have normally checked, didn’t make it.

The feeling of devastation is almost indescribable. I felt I left my brother down. I should have been more prepared and kept my important items with me. I was exhausted and near to tears. I finally got to my final city at 9:30pm. The price for a rental car was so inflated I could have rented a car for 2 weeks for the same price. But what can you do?! We started the our three hour trip. It was drizzley and we were going up in elevation.  The concern for snow or ice. However, my copilot was a good conversationist. And we made the hotel about 1:30 in the morning.

The next morning we were to be at the academy by 6:30am. So after about 3 fitfull hours I dressed in the same clothes of the day before and despaired my lost…er…delayed luggage.  Their morning inspection was so wonderful.  Its the first time I’ve gotten to see my lil’ bro in his dress clothes. He came to me after inspection and told me if I ran to Walmart and got some nice clothes I might still be able to present.

Runners; set, ready, GO!


Sunday Meditations

Its been a very stressful week.  In the midst of it all I am trying to stay positive and focused. It’s not easy. We all must work to “be in the storm but not affected by it.” I heard this phrase in a speech give by a police chief.  While his statement was nearly lost in the longevity of his presentation it is, none the less, wise words. 

Sunday Meditations


I was having a hard time coming up with something encouraging to write today. It wasn’t that I was discouraged. Just not very inspired. I went housing hunting this weekend and was extremely disappointed in what was offered. I wanted to go home and wallow in this frustration. When you see yourself going that direction make sure you bring yourself back up. I allowed a moment of pity and then told myself to start looking for other options. Its ok to get knocked down but it is most important to get back up!

Book Review: November


Wow I was thinking OMG I haven’t read anything. Which, of course, is totally not true. I have read a lot but I have also been super busy too.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: Fantastic post-apocalyptic story with a conflicted but strong female lead. I actually liked this one much better then Hunger Games as I feel it isn’t as depressing. However, it didn’t do well in theaters.

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman: A somewhat vulgar classic Sci-fi that talks about the training and war in space and life once you come home. The story flows well and the characters begin to show depth as the story unfolds. Not your typical deep thinking story of that era but enjoyable none the less.

The Bone Clock by David C. Mitchell: If you have seen/read Cloud Atlas you know what you are in for. This story jumps around and makes many twists and turns. There is a lot to keep track of and takes a bit of dedication.

Let the Good Times Roll

I had a moment over the weekend. I was cooking, listening to music, and having a great time of it. I was thoroughly enjoying myself! I turned around and my kitty was on the couch watching me. I asked her is she was happy and wanted some nip.

 Then a thought hit me… Should I be lonely? Should I need someone here? I tried to picture someone sitting on the couch waiting while I made dinner. Or sitting at the bar, with idle chatter. And try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to feel like I was missing out.  I felt happy in my moment.  Not missing some relationship. I do miss my friends and it would be nice to have company. But I don’t need it. That is the most important. I see so many couples need that 24/7 attention and the claustrophobia kicks in. There is a old saying I heard and can’t remember where; you must first learn to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with someone else. I have learned that I can be happy on my own. It makes me fulfilled to know that I am able to survive no matter what!

The Begin in Beginnings

It has been about two weeks since my move to Maine. The road trip went well enough. The move-in was alright. The house has some really narrow stairs. I have a huge mess in the trailer I really should organize it. In the back of my mind, it’s annoying me. I am starting to get my barrings at work. There are some interesting polices that will take a bit to get used to.

I was very hopeful in finding a place that I could purchase. Then I would have my own place to leave my stuff. Yes, we all want a place to store our stuff while we go and get more stuff. The few places I looked at were just not going to work. I had a moment of frustration and a knee-jerk reaction to bail on everything. To wallow in self pity and go down a dark path. Well, that lasted a day and then I pulled up my big girl pants.

So, I am going to go house hunting and see if there is anything worth making into my home. I am going to get settled into work. Hopefully, I can get word about when I will be heading overseas for a temporary posting. Certainly, makes it easier to plan if I know where things are going to fall. I am going to go to my brother’s graduation. And be a proud big sister.

Next year is gonna kick ass!