Sunday Meditations

I was talking with a friend about taking a long weekend trip to a city a few hours away. My friend said things are too uncertain (gov shutdown) and she didn’t want to go anywhere. Whatever uncertainty you have in your life shouldn’t make you stop living. Life itself is uncertain. Plan for the worse and be able to enjoy the best.


Words hold your future

I am getting very tired of the “dieting” lifestyle. I have heard so many people who say, “Dieting doesn’t work for me.” Or, “I just gained all my weight back after my diet.” By definition diet is the food that a human, animal, or community habitually eats. Diet doesn’t have a start or stop date. It just is food we consume.

For a person who recently lost 25lbs and kept it off, I understand how to make a change in my diet. Its not a change that I give up later.  Nor is it restriction on a type of food that I will eventually start eating again. It is a life long change in my diet. I still eat what I want to eat but I am adding in new types of food and controlling my servings sizes. (Which is another issue in our food consumption.)

Another thing that is frustrating, are cheat days. If you are cheating then why are you even trying. If you have to cheat at something then you are not prepared. Cheating is ethically wrong but ok when you are dieting? How is that right?

All the words around weight loss isn’t for actual weight loss. It is to keep us consuming (i.e. paying) programs, products, and specialty foods. These words are not helpful. If you want to loose weight then it needs to be a life long change. It might be difficult to change a habit for life but it can happen. You can do it. I can do it.

Sunday Meditations

There is so much hate and greed in the world now a days. I feel like we see more and more. Perhaps it is because we have more access to the world. We are inundated on TV, online, on our phones. It is hard to get away from it all.

Make a point to have a happy, quite place. A place where you can sit (or whatever) and find a bit of peace in this crazy, loud world.

Book Review: January

The City of Endless Nights by Preston and Child These two guys are my favorite authors and they write an amazing story. This is another amazing story. It continues the Pendergast story.

Pym by Mat Johnson  This story is about a Black College Professor trying to prove how Edgar Allen Poe talked about racism. A powerful book about loss and rebuilding. Never loose sight of your goal.

The Reader by Bernard Schlink  This is a post WWII story about a young German boy and the woman, twice his age, that helped him become the man he is today. Morally challenging for the reader but a powerful read.


A lot happened since I last wrote. Its been cold and warm and cold again. I’ve been fighting stress at home and work.

At work I was given a new co-worker who has no experience whatsoever. Given as in he was mine to mold and teach. However nobody told me what to teach or how to mold. Good thing I have my Doctor Spock. ( for those who don’t know Dr. Spock is the old What to Expect When Expecting)

Beyond Sub-Zero temperatures and no heat at work I’ve also gotten first official Complaint. My complaintant said that I was rude because I did not respond to his hello with a hello. Tell me this; who has the time to make a complaint because somebody didn’t say hello? And my supervisor instead of being like hey this is silly but you should say hello, was like you were rude to somebody and you shouldn’t do that again.

And beyond that I haven’t gotten paid in a month. Seems like I should be heading south for warmer weather and happier times. Oh wait that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Coming soon: Florida Trip to Help Sister Move

Sunday Meditations

While the snow falls and the temperature drops, I will be working for free. Or at very least, the hope of back pay. If this furlough teaches me anything, its not to sweat the small things. Or rather to live within my means. Please don’t spend more money then you have because it’s amazing how easily it can go away. I’ve heard you should save 3 months worth of living expenses. Now, I have been there and saving is hard. But it can be done. Try, at very least, try. Practice becomes habit.