Sunday Meditations


I caught a blip on the late night news last night. The speaker stated, something to the effect of, You have the freedom of speech but it does come with consequences. That quote stuck with me as being very true. We do have the right to speak about whatever we want. However, many people do not think about their words. In the last few years, words of hate have been spoken with abandon. Hate and fear are great motivators but have huge impact on the people they are directed towards. It is to us to stop speaking words as if they don’t have consequences. We need to lead the revolution to stop hate from spreading. There is never a reason to use words in hate and hurtful intent. Focus on what comes out of your mouth this week and see if you can change this downward spiral in our world.

A piece of History

I have been slowly working on a new hobby. I am collecting antique books. That is books older than 100 years old. As of now I have about 40 books. These books are by various authors and about various subjects. Many of these books are classics that I loved reading as a child. Now I have copies that are older than I am. Some are just oddballs. I have a 1888 book of lyrics from the 1600s. Only random things that catch my eye. I purchase St. Elmo because of the quote in the front leaf. I purchased another written under a pen name because the author was an Arabist. Many of the stories are still written with the flow and delicacy of older times. Where command of the written word and a bit of wit was something to show off. The words that still have a bit of power to move the soul and encourage a bit of romanticism. Beyond that, I think of the piece of history I am holding. Something that might have been lovingly given. One book has “from your loving wife” written inside the front cover. I think of the history behind some of the books I have. I just recently acquired a 10 volume set of Thousand and One Nights. (Arabian Nights) This collection could only be purchased if you were part of a special club since the stories were so exotic and not for public consumption. The set itself was published by a man that consulted on a different set with the same subject. Apparently there was a bit of scandal because of it. These stories of the stories are exciting and make you feel part of a larger whole. As all hobbies go they shouldn’t break the bank and I try to purchase books under $12 and older the 100 years. With those limiting rules it makes it a challenge to find good quality books. This adds to the fun of the chase. It keeps me interested because I will be looking at one author and stumble upon another author or genre and get sucked in all over again. It is exhilarating. And I keep telling myself, there are worse things I could be doing.

Sunday Meditations


The hardest prison to escape is the mind.

 I have been thinking a lot about mental strength lately. You keep hearing all these cases about anxiety. Please, don’t get me wrong. I know there are many valid diagnoses of anxiety however, I don’t feel like everyone who claims to have the illness is truly ill. I have bouts of anxiety but I work through it. I don’t let it overcome me. I am worried we are not teaching our children how to deal with anxiety correctly.

 I had a lady on my flight back from Orlando who was nearly violent with her flying anxiety. She thrashed and cried and was very aggressive to her companion. I, seated next to her, had to hold her hand and explain to her that the sounds and actions were normal for a flight. Instead of her taking control of her mind she let it over power her. She let her mind take control and affect everyone around her. Now, I do not like turbulence. I become very nervous and anxious. However, I never let my mind take control. I grab a firm hold of myself and do not allow my mind to control my actions. This seems a normal way of things to me. Otherwise anyone with any action that is outside of their comfort zone would result in chaos.

 I recently re-read Hatchet. It’s a story about a young boy who survived a plane crash in the Canadian Wilderness. Throughout his 2 months lost in the woods many times he could have let his fear and despair incapacitate him. Through mental strength he survived and prospered. This was required reading when I was in school but if it isn’t perhaps it is to us to teach our children to have mental strength. It is our best asset and least used muscle. We need to exercise and develop our minds as we would our bodies. It is vital to our future. Be strong in body, heart, and MIND!



Camping at Quetico

The Quetico Provincial Park is a large (1.8 million Acres) wilderness park in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Or at least that is what Wikipedia says.

My roomie and I had a couple days off and wanted to camp somewhere new. Both of us are hobbyist kayak-ers and the Quetico is nothing but water; well and a few trees. The only campground in the park is about 2 hours away. Otherwise you can camp back country. We packed our gear and headed out. This was our farthest trip into Canada we have done.

While we were hopeful for wildlife sighting the road to the campground is rather dull. Our site, my roomie picked out, was amazing. We had views of the lake but no access. However, about 100 yards way was a small beach where we could launch. The site itself was large and I could park the truck and tent and have room for more. We kayaked a few times making our way down little rivulets and enjoyed the warm days. It was relaxing, even with rain through the night. All too soon we came home to reality and kitties.

Sunday Mediations



“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” Friedrich Nietzshe

How telling that thought is. You are what you put into your body, mind, soul. That is an important concept to keep in the forefront of your mind. You should always be conscience of what you take in. This involves what environment you keep yourself in too. If you surround yourself with trash there is nothing else for you to take in but that trash. Surround yourself with peace and calm and your life will drastically change. This is something we need to teach our children. If we can raise a generation who takes a moment to fill themselves with peace and understanding the future would be bright indeed.

Long weekend

I have been meaning to write all weekend and then things go sideways. Thing never go as I planned. Especially when my mom is involved. I keep thinking that things will change with her. But, alas it never does. I always set myself up for failure. I need to just understand that things won’t ever get better.

It goes without saying that the weekend wasn’t as good as it could have been. There was good things though. I got to see Shamu at Seaworld. Such wonderful creatures. The park was great and we saw walruses, penguins, and seals. I haven’t been to SeaWorld for years and it was great to see the sights. This is the last generation of Orca that SeaWorld will have and I was glad to see them before they leave. The penguins were in like 40*F snowy room. It was such a shock from 90*F outside. We also went to Epcot and walked around. It was interesting to see what they think are the highlights of the countries they have on display. Still way too hot.


Seems like I should have been more productive over the week I was gone. I don’t know where the time went. I do know that we went to Lowes 4 times and Walmart 5 times. What black holes those places are. Now back at home I feel like it’s time to play catch-up. So much outdoor stuff to do and I leave again in 2 weeks for a work detail. However, on a good note, there is a work opportunity that should open up soon and get me out of Minnesota. I can’t wait! I have been here too long.

I will get caught up more with you all as I get some more free time. I have been thinking of where I want to travel to next. I am thinking of India and Nepal. Any suggestions or ideas?

Sunday Meditations


My heart just breaks for London this week. I feel for those people who must feel lost. I wish I could have talked with the attacker before the incident and understood what really drives them. You have to have such strong beliefs to take other peoples lives away. I hope through this all we learn how to understand. Really that is what the world needs right now. Understanding. Not blind acceptance or prejudges. Just an open heart and a willingness to learn. Send these poor misguided people love. Send the whole world love and wisdom!