Anger Monkey

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I suffer from anger issues. I admit that. I do an okay job keeping it reined in but I don’t win every day. I fight with this ridiculous sense of frustration and rage. I don’t know where it comes from and why it happens. It comes a random times and for no reason. I will wake up and just hate the world. I will want to destroy everything. I get upset for the silliest things. It is all I can do to not just snap on everyone around me. The rage will last a couple of days and then disappear. For no reason. I wish I knew what was happening. If it is a chemical imbalance or a repressed issue bubbling to the surface. I just don’t know.

 My roommate, bless her heart, puts up with my random mood swings. I normally hide when I get like this. Sometimes I still lash out and then feel bad for lashing out and get more angry. Sigh. I was doing stuff in the kitchen and I was getting all worked up about how well the sink was cleaned, or what utensils were used, or even what was cooked. Who looks free food and complains? Well my rage demon does.

I know that the best way to keep my rage at bay is to stay busy. A person can only stay so busy. There has to be down times somewhere, sometime. I just don’t know the best way to keep my head above water. I am going to seek counseling if I can’t control my feelings. Over the years I have done a great job keeping it together. Being alone helps a lot but I share my home so I am never really alone anymore. I will have to figure something out. Have you felt this way? What do you do to overcome the rage demon? Any help, helps. If you have stories I would love to hear them. We can band together and beat this thing together. Until then lets all feed our anger monkey a banana.

P.S. You are welcome for the movie quotes.



Author: StarOfGrace

Hello, how are you? I never know what to put in this spot. I turned 30 this last year (2015) and moved three times. I enjoy moving and normally do so every 3-5 years; sometimes less. I love to travel, read, be outdoors, watch movies, cooking, drinking, meeting new people. I am always up for a new adventure. I work in Law Enforcement and it keep me very busy. I have two wonderful cats that sometimes tell me that I do ok as a pet momma. If you are curious about anything just ask! Thank you Ester

3 thoughts on “Anger Monkey”

  1. Sometimes staying busy is not the answer but counseling is a sure step in the right direction. I am an advocate for it. I went to counseling for a matter and discovered that I was suppressing some stuff that I did not think was directly related. Anger can be so dangerous. It only takes a second to snap at the wrong person at the wrong time for your life to be altered in the worse way. There is something there that needs to be dealt with so I am with you in believing it will be discovered. – Chanel

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