Tomorrow is Yesterday FINAL!

Hey here is the final part of my story. Hope you have enjoyed it!!!! Thanks for reading.


“Hey there, welcome to Mike’s Marina,” said the bartender. The bar was pretty much a shack with no sides. There were a few tables were surrounded by plastic chairs. The bar was on the wall that was shared with the marina. I walked up to the bar keep. He was dark, blond, and very handsome. In the back of my mind he was vaguely familiar but I did not know from where. I grabbed a beat-up stool a few down from a true fisherman. The fisherman was shaggy and shirtless. His jeans had grease stains and holes at random places. In his hands was a half of a beer and he was talking to his neighbor about the huge one that got away and no one ever saw. I smiled. It was so perfect.

“Whatcha want?” The bartender asked me as I scanned over a menu.

“What’s good?”

“Everything is pretty good. I like the grilled chicken.”

“Mmmm! Grilled Chicken.” I said in full Homer Simpson style. I knew this was going to be the best place. The bartender smiled and slightly rolled his emerald eyes at my childish humor. I ordered the chicken.

“Fries or onion rings? You want anything to drink?” I got fries and a beer and started some small talk while my food cooked.

“How’s the season starting?”

“It’s going well actually. Enough tourists to keep the bills paid but not enough to annoy the locals. Where are you from?

“That obvious that I am not from here? Virginia. I am staying the season if I can keep myself entertained long enough.” I smiled because I knew that I would have no problem keeping myself entertained.

“Yeah, well you are not very tanned… not that you look bad…”The bartender quickly backtracked blushing. “Virginia is quiet a drive. What kinda entertainment are you looking for?” I smiled not offended in his blunder. It was fun to see someone shyer then me. He was cute!

“I will have to work on my tan I suppose. It is still cold up north. Yeah I wanted to get away from the rush of Virginia. So are there any local bands? I could work for my tickets.” I felt so smooth trying to hint at my goal of finding random temporary work. I wanted to do random work for people and just bum the summer away. I knew I must be crazy if bumming a summer away sounded like fun.

“Yeah you won’t have to work hard at a tan. We are actually having a show here tonight. Jack Johnson lives a few islands away and comes by to play at random times. I could actually use some help. Mikey decided to go off to college this year so I could use an extra hand.” Perfect I thought this was exactly what I needed.

“OH! I like Jack Johnson. His songs always make me smile. Jessica.” I offered my hand.

“Eric.” We shook hands and I knew that I had found my guardian angle. My food came and I ate in silence. It was delicious. I was wrapped in warm sea air sitting in an open bar as the sand and wind played tag across the floor. I finished my meal and told Eric I wanted to check out the town but I would be back when he needed me. He gave me a time and suggested I stop by a few shops. I thanked him and set off with a happy heart and full stomach.


I spent a few days helping Eric out and getting acquainted to the locals. There were a half dozen boat captains that all wanted a pretty girl onboard. I knew that would only lead to trouble. I met the other shop owners and had a few people offer me some temporary work. I was assured that I would never go hungry and if I need a place to sleep I was welcome at most of their couches. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and worked hard at any task they offered me.

At night I would wonder back toward my car, a little tipsily, and curl up under a tree by the edge of the beach and watch the stars come out. I have never seen so many stars as I did on my nights on the beach. The soft hum of the waves hummed me to sleep. It was heavenly. I surprised a few people that came across my wallow but on the whole no one bothered me. In the morning I would take a swim and play with the fish on the reef. I got better and better at free diving. I was able to barrow then buy a pair of fins. My skin darkened quickly and I quickly became leaner and stronger. After looking for new fish and shells I found an outdoor shower at the park and washed the salt water off my skin. My auburn hair bleached and became strawberry. These changes all took place with in three short weeks.  I wished my time here never ended.

Then the next day I woke to beeps. Lots of beeps. I was groggy and felt stiff. It was hard to move; my eyes wouldn’t open. There was a weird smell that assaulted my senses. I tried to get up but found my arms and legs were not responsive. A panic slowly started in my gut and rose up my chest. I managed to get my eyes open but the lights were too bright. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t move. Pain started in my legs and radiated up toward my head. My eyes finally focused. I saw wires and cables coming from my arms and under the thin blanket that covered me. The beeping quickened. A person wrapped in white quietly came in the door.

“Good Morning, Jessica. Glad to see you finally awake. You were in a coma.”

Author: StarOfGrace

Hello, how are you? I never know what to put in this spot. I turned 30 this last year (2015) and moved three times. I enjoy moving and normally do so every 3-5 years; sometimes less. I love to travel, read, be outdoors, watch movies, cooking, drinking, meeting new people. I am always up for a new adventure. I work in Law Enforcement and it keep me very busy. I have two wonderful cats that sometimes tell me that I do ok as a pet momma. If you are curious about anything just ask! Thank you Ester

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