So this weekend we are forecasted to have the first snow of the year. Normally first snow comes as a surprise in the middle of the night. When dawn breaks you are awed by the change and the virginal beauty of it. All quiet and hushed. No creature risking a noise to break the fairytale morning. This time we know it is coming. A winter storm warning is in effect all day Friday. They, the weather people, say that we are to get 6 inches to a foot! That’s a lot in one day. I am very excited. Like Christmas morning. I already plan on doing nothing! Watching LOTR and cuddled with a drink and a blanket. I was given an overtime shift Friday night but I think I can manage getting my truck into town by then. Hopefully all will go well. I will spend my weekend in warm comfort.  Maybe I can make snow angels and snow men. (people?) It is the little things that make life enjoyable. I, myself, am hoping for a great white blizzard!!


Author: StarOfGrace

Hello, how are you? I never know what to put in this spot. I turned 30 this last year (2015) and moved three times. I enjoy moving and normally do so every 3-5 years; sometimes less. I love to travel, read, be outdoors, watch movies, cooking, drinking, meeting new people. I am always up for a new adventure. I work in Law Enforcement and it keep me very busy. I have two wonderful cats that sometimes tell me that I do ok as a pet momma. If you are curious about anything just ask! Thank you Ester

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