New Wonderings

I have written over 100 posts this year! It’s amazing to think of the sleep deprived idea that came to mind just about a year ago. I have been able to share with all of you and you, in great return, have shared with me. Thank you!! I have added a few new things. On the right hand side you will see I moved my Bio, Stories, and Quote pages. Please check them out. Please keep reading and responding.

Author: StarOfGrace

Hello, how are you? I never know what to put in this spot. I turned 30 this last year (2015) and moved three times. I enjoy moving and normally do so every 3-5 years; sometimes less. I love to travel, read, be outdoors, watch movies, cooking, drinking, meeting new people. I am always up for a new adventure. I work in Law Enforcement and it keep me very busy. I have two wonderful cats that sometimes tell me that I do ok as a pet momma. If you are curious about anything just ask! Thank you Ester

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