Sunday Meditations


After being away for 10 days my cats have been really affectionate. The really are cuddle-y and more loving then normal. Really it feels great to come back to all that warmth. Also makes me realize how much we need/want each other. I am sure we all overlook some aspect of our lives, whether alive or not, that we can only appreciate more once we come back from a separation. Separation is good. Of course, you have to be mindful of what you are missing or missing you to really appreciate it.



Author: StarOfGrace

Hello, how are you? I never know what to put in this spot. I turned 30 this last year (2015) and moved three times. I enjoy moving and normally do so every 3-5 years; sometimes less. I love to travel, read, be outdoors, watch movies, cooking, drinking, meeting new people. I am always up for a new adventure. I work in Law Enforcement and it keep me very busy. I have two wonderful cats that sometimes tell me that I do ok as a pet momma. If you are curious about anything just ask! Thank you Ester

4 thoughts on “Sunday Meditations”

  1. 10 years? Why did you have to be separated to them? Can you tell me about it? You are right, I am someone who’s in a Long Distance Relationship and I totally agree with what you are trying to say, I have come to realise the importance of being present, being supportive of each other, through the distance, we were able to achieve that. Nice post!
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. πŸ™‚


    1. 10 days Ragazza! Lol. I went on vacation and the poor loves missed me! Keep up the fight with your relationship. I’m all too aware about long-distance relationships and how difficult they can be. I missed a lot of my father’s life because he worked away so often. I wish I could get that time back. πŸ™‚


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