Sunday Meditations

Live your life as if that person you want to be is a reality. In the end you will be that person and others will notice. (Does that make sense)


World Travels: Nepal

After a 12 hour drive we finally made it to the Lumbini area. This was the birth place of Buddha. It was wonderful to finally get out of the car and see Nepal. It really doesn’t change too much in landscape with the exception of the terraces they farmed on. Buddhas birthplace was not a place you would really stop to see except to know what happened there. Really it was some ruins, a pond, and a huge tree. It was peaceful and simple. How I think Buddha would want to be remembered.

From here we worked into the Chitwan National Park. It was really a reserve that we spent the day driving through safari style. We saw a Sloth Bear, many birds, monkeys, and rhinos! It was wonderful because I never knew that rhinos were aquatic. I always thought they were grazers like the zebra but in reality they are more like the hippo.

It was a fantastic experience and a great introduction into Nepal. We spend the night at a local family’s lodge and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. There was a energetic rain storm through the night. After a short drive to pick up our luggage we started to the last destination, Kathmandu. I was able to doze a little bit in the very warm van and we came over this rise in the road and suddenly Kathmandu spread out in front of us. It was a sprawling, congested area. The building faded into the haze that shrouded part of the valley.

It was so great to get out of the car again. At this point I know we were all wore out and overwhelmed. We had had enough. There were some lovely sights in Kathmandu; temples, holy sights, markets. By now things have all blended together in to the chaos of my mind where bits and pieces float up to remind me of what I saw.

The flights home were long and delayed. There was some rerouting because of Pakistan/India issues. It can be very frustrating being told to wait and not having any control over the situation. I was super lucky my mom was willing to pick me up. It has been great being home but it will short lived as I am on my way to Georgia in 10 days!

No rest for the weary.

World Travel: India part 2

Orcha was a underspoken place and really just a rest in a busy tour. We really got to enjoy some of the wonderful ideas of roads and traffic.

The palace here was amazing also. The architect was amazing. So much detail and work went into the buildings. They even had a type of air conditioning. It was all so grand. We then took a overnight train toward Varanasi. There was an overnight camping stop on the Ganges River before we continued to Varanasi, the holiest Hindu city. It was overwhelming the amount of cars, mopeds, cows, and people. That and the heat made the experience!

From Varanasi we started west toward Nepal! It was a very long drive and we didn’t even go that far. Thank goodness I can sleep almost anywhere. The cross into Nepal was very interesting. We stopped about a kilometer from the border and had to walk to the border. The border is under that orange and green banner.

Sunday Mediations

I have learned about a new term. FOMO. You probably have heard of it before; Fear of missing out. Hello Lil’ Miss FOMO. I can relate to this term. In my younger years I held on to unhealthy things because I did want to miss something. Now I realize that by holding on to something bad actually makes me miss out on good things. So if you suffer from FOMO remember there is more ahead then behind.