Sunday Meditations


I feel that many time throughout a life you spend long parts just waiting. Waiting for the alarm, waiting for work to end… just waiting. These periods of time can become tedious. It’s hard, these moments of waiting. I find they sneak up on me and then pounce and leave me mired in the mud. These are the moments we need to take the time to enjoy the wait. Enjoy the sunrise. Enjoy the quiet moments. For only too quickly we will be swept away with the speed of life. Keep that in mind when you are feeling low and slow. And encourage others when you notice their slow moments.

Winnipeg, Canada

I finally had a couple days off (I work 8 on 2 off/ 8 on 4 off). My schedule is horrible. No one is able to work that many days in a row and keep their sanity. I have been struggling but fighting back. I hope to get a transfer this year. Wish me luck ‘cause I am going to need it. Well anyways I had a long weekend and my roomie and I decided to visit Winnipeg, Canada.  We had been talking about it for some time and actually had days of together so we headed north. I have finally purchased my new truck and I wanted to take it to see if she was worthy of the purchase. She, Beatrice, did not disappoint. The drive was about 3 hours and I have to say there isn’t much in Canada. We drove through swampland and country side until about 40 minutes outside of Winnipeg where there was another small town. I understand that Canada’s roads are crap, I hear it all the time, but seeing is believing. They are really bad. I lost traction doing 30 on a dry road, that’s how bad. However, we carefully made it to our hotel in downtown Winnipeg. We were not able to get our keys but could park and then walk to get some food.  We chose downtown because of a place called the Forks. It is a little artisans place with a bunch of handicraft shops and ethnic food. For our breakfast we had Caribbean and maybe a few local beers. Afterward we were feed and watered we took note of the other food places we would want to eat at and wandered through the stores. Then we worked back to the hotel to get our keys and unpack a bit. Maybe a nap. The room was large and very comfortable.  On the way back to the hotel from the Forks we saw a sign for a Cirque du Solei show in the area.  Tickets were the right price and we booked for the next night. We had a few recommendations for places to eat for dinner and went out for Tapas and drinks. Food was exotic and good and a pitcher of sangria made us quiet happy.

The next day we awoke early and went to our continental breakfast. I have to say that these other guest were the most rude people ever. Cutting in front of you to grab a fork or piece of toast. There was very limited places to sit and many people, having finished their meals, were sitting reading the paper.  Super rude and inconsiderate. The food itself wasn’t anything to write home about. So we ate quick and made our way to the Winnipeg Zoo. Both of us are big zoo and aquarium fans and we stop at any that we can. This once was a little poorly designed and many of the exhibits were under construction. We still saw many animals such as, polar bears, camels, wild horses, tigers, and many smaller mammals and birds. It was a great way to spend the morning.  We returned to the room and walked around down town looking for used book stores. We found a few and wandered. We found a place that was selling shawarma meals, which is a North African dish. You must try it.  We found an Ethiopian place near there and we figured that would be perfect for dinner. Naps were in order to prepare for a long evening of entertainment and good food. This du Solei was called Kurios and was in an actual big top tent. Like the real circus are in. So cool. Our meal at the Ethiopian place ran long and we were a bit rushed to get to the show on time. We were about 3 minutes late and only missed the announcements about no cameras or recording. The next two hours went by way too fast. There was great music, outstanding acrobats, and fabulous tricks. It was beyond imagination and was the perfect way to spend a few hours. After the show and still floating on a cloud we parked at the hotel and walked to a restaurant bar that was open really late. Beers and munchies were delicious and carried us happily to bed.

The next day we needed to be back in the states to meet a friend who has a food wagon. For breakfast we went to the Forks (better than the hotels) and had good ol’ eggs and sausage, deli quiche, and porgies. All very good! We walked around the park and were trying to kill time to stop in a local brewery before we went south. Happily packed with beer and food we started back south. We stopped at the “middle of Canada” and made it in time to meet my friend to pick up some more food. All in all it was fantastic break from the dull grind of work. However, I am back to that dull grind and hoping for a break again… My mom is on her way up… gulp


Sunday Mediations


I have had a rough go of things lately. Even though I try I do take things personally. I think we are all the same in that. It’s hard not to get frustrated with the injustice of the world. However, it won’t do us any good if we focus on these unchangeable things. So to counteract the negative we must be extra positive. Bring good things into our lives isn’t easy. So stop and smell the roses, or any flower you see. Take in the shapes of the clouds and ripples on the water. Be awed by the different shades of colors on the cars in your gridlock. Just look positively and it will change your whole day. I know it is a struggle for me so we must be supportive of each other!


Book Reviews: June

The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton Another amazing Crichton book. All his stories push the bounds of imagination and this is more of the same. What would happen when we implant computers into our bodies? Do we become more machine?

Scourge by Gail Martin Ghouls are on the prowl killing anyone who gets in their way. Their attacks are on the rise and the governing body are more worried about their coffers then public safety. That leave three brothers to take up the attack and push the evil away! They have their own losses to deal with and this job isn’t getting any easier. Will they be able to find the cause of this turmoil? (Received as an Advance Reader Copy for an honest review)

Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley At the turn of the century, Adventure calls to Merrick. Nearly crippled and still mending he will do anything to get away from his family home. Now he goes in search of the cure– to malaria and, quite possibly, for himself. Not stop action will have you on the edge of our seat! You will not be able to stop reading.  (Received as an Advance Reader Copy for an honest review)

Dream Me by Kathryn Berla The end of the world is close and you can either lay down and wait or leave everyone behind and travel to the stars. But for Zat so much more is at stake. His dreams connects him will a woman from the very distant past. Can he make it to her? Babe, forever alone, has moved with her family once again. No friends in this new place she clings tightly to the strange dreams she has been having. Can they come together with all these years between them? (Received as an Advance Reader Copy for an honest review)

The First Day by Phil Harrison No one is above love and lust, least of all a married pastor who meets a beautiful woman. While their love of Christ draws them together they are unable to stop the passion that fills both of them. Now a baby is on the way and the scandal is known. What can a poor pastor do?

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman In London, Richard thinks his world is moving along just fine. His lovely girlfriend makes sure he is dressed in the proper clothes, sees the proper sights, and when it is proper to propose to her. However, on that very night the bloodied body of a young girl changes everything. Forsaking his previous life Richard goes on a journey to help that poor girl change the London he never knew about.

Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver This is another one of those talented authors that can split themselves into different personalities. I imagine it must be a special ability to write so convincingly in different ages and personalities. This book gives you an insight into the Congo in the 60s and a missionary family left to fend for themselves. It is a fantastic story told from a Preacher’s Wife and their 4 daughters. Totally a must read.

Sunday Meditation


I have felt very meek recently. I have be struggling to be strong and full. It takes courage to fight yourself. In our world today where we are bombarded with so much falseness being strong for yourself is hard. However, that is what is most needed in today’s world. Lots of courage and strength. It will never be easy to force yourself to stand up and stop the world from walking all over you. But take the time because it is important. Find your inner strength and roar!


Sunday Meditations


I caught a blip on the late night news last night. The speaker stated, something to the effect of, You have the freedom of speech but it does come with consequences. That quote stuck with me as being very true. We do have the right to speak about whatever we want. However, many people do not think about their words. In the last few years, words of hate have been spoken with abandon. Hate and fear are great motivators but have huge impact on the people they are directed towards. It is to us to stop speaking words as if they don’t have consequences. We need to lead the revolution to stop hate from spreading. There is never a reason to use words in hate and hurtful intent. Focus on what comes out of your mouth this week and see if you can change this downward spiral in our world.

A piece of History

I have been slowly working on a new hobby. I am collecting antique books. That is books older than 100 years old. As of now I have about 40 books. These books are by various authors and about various subjects. Many of these books are classics that I loved reading as a child. Now I have copies that are older than I am. Some are just oddballs. I have a 1888 book of lyrics from the 1600s. Only random things that catch my eye. I purchase St. Elmo because of the quote in the front leaf. I purchased another written under a pen name because the author was an Arabist. Many of the stories are still written with the flow and delicacy of older times. Where command of the written word and a bit of wit was something to show off. The words that still have a bit of power to move the soul and encourage a bit of romanticism. Beyond that, I think of the piece of history I am holding. Something that might have been lovingly given. One book has “from your loving wife” written inside the front cover. I think of the history behind some of the books I have. I just recently acquired a 10 volume set of Thousand and One Nights. (Arabian Nights) This collection could only be purchased if you were part of a special club since the stories were so exotic and not for public consumption. The set itself was published by a man that consulted on a different set with the same subject. Apparently there was a bit of scandal because of it. These stories of the stories are exciting and make you feel part of a larger whole. As all hobbies go they shouldn’t break the bank and I try to purchase books under $12 and older the 100 years. With those limiting rules it makes it a challenge to find good quality books. This adds to the fun of the chase. It keeps me interested because I will be looking at one author and stumble upon another author or genre and get sucked in all over again. It is exhilarating. And I keep telling myself, there are worse things I could be doing.