The Begin in Beginnings

It has been about two weeks since my move to Maine. The road trip went well enough. The move-in was alright. The house has some really narrow stairs. I have a huge mess in the trailer I really should organize it. In the back of my mind, it’s annoying me. I am starting to get my barrings at work. There are some interesting polices that will take a bit to get used to.

I was very hopeful in finding a place that I could purchase. Then I would have my own place to leave my stuff. Yes, we all want a place to store our stuff while we go and get more stuff. The few places I looked at were just not going to work. I had a moment of frustration and a knee-jerk reaction to bail on everything. To wallow in self pity and go down a dark path. Well, that lasted a day and then I pulled up my big girl pants.

So, I am going to go house hunting and see if there is anything worth making into my home. I am going to get settled into work. Hopefully, I can get word about when I will be heading overseas for a temporary posting. Certainly, makes it easier to plan if I know where things are going to fall. I am going to go to my brother’s graduation. And be a proud big sister.

Next year is gonna kick ass!


Ode to Tom Hanks

I was watching a movie the other day that referenced Sleepless in Seattle. There are soturnerhooch many time when you hear that some civilian met a celebrity and they were mean or rude. I recently had a friend who met Tom Hanks. Rumor states he is a very nice guy. The rumors are true. He was super kind and while there was no autographs or pictures taken, the interaction was enough. It is amazing how we get caught up in our little worlds and begin to view people as an inconvenience. I, for one, will be trying to leave my frustrations and annoyances aside and be kind to people I come across. I challenge you to try the same.

Auspicious Starts part 2

Well even with the rough start we were moving ahead.  The next day took us farther East. The roads through New York and Mass were fairly nice. Though, with $180 in tolls they could be better.  The countryside was quite lovely and some of the trees had held on to their leaves. Many reds and oranges. Traffic flowed well and I could set my cruise control for hours. That evening we worked our way across the Appalachian mountains. They aren’t overly high but it was a bit of a chore to get through.  

We were going to stop in Albany for the night but pushed out another 100 miles to Springfield. The sun went down early and there was a light freezing rain as we crossed another mountain pass. I was very stressed and tired from the driving but we made it fine to our hotel. Dinner was at a Mexican place next door.  The food was really poor and I lost my debt card there. Sigh.  I keep telling myself one more day!! The morning was bright and sunny, if a bit chilly. We worked our way toward, but around, Boston and North to “All Maine Points.” There was no breakfast at our hotel so we were going to stop for food when I gassed up. However that wayside had no open shops besides McDonald’s and they were cash only.  Annoyed we pushed on. The miles were quickly falling away and we arrived in Houlton at about 3pm. 

Now this weekend was my Landlords birthday so his daughters had left to go see him. So the keys were passed to one of the husbands. This particular gentleman ones a beer and wine shop. Just what I needed after 4 days in the car. Keys and beer in hand we unloaded a few things and crashed.  The next day I was able to find a cheap couch and we managed to make this a liveable place.  I am excited for this new start.  Hopefully I can get settled in well. 

Sunday Meditations

With all that has happen in the last few weeks and months I can’t help but be grateful.  I think reflecting on the good and the bad helps us understand the flow of our lives. A few months ago when that one thing was too big for you and you look now and see how insignificant it really was. Now next time we can conqure that battle without batting an eyelash.  

Sunday Meditations



I fully believe in the power of positive thinking. Perhaps, somewhere deep inside all of us is a tiny connection to everyone else. So in thinking of that, I will ask for positive thoughts and prayers today. I am driving cross country to move to my new job. Most of the way is clear weather but leaving looks rough. So if you all can send me good vibes for a safe trip I would be very appreciative. Lets prove the power of positive intent!

Book Reviews: October


The Piano Man’s Daughter by Timothy Findley I got this book because of the cover art. It is a painting called Flaming June. I love that painting so much I have one hanging in my room. I figured that if the author was drawn to it too we might have something in common.

War of the Worlds by H.G Wells I had really forgotten how much I enjoy classic books. There was a different way of writing then.  I am such a hopeless romantic but I can’t help it! This story is not exception.  It is a fantastic story of Martians taking over jolly ol’ London. Slightly anticlimactic ending though.

Among Others by Jo Walton  This was an interesting book. It really was a story who reads as much as I do and her live beyond the books. It was a good read though a bit sparse. However, I did come up with quite a few new books to read.