Sunday Meditations



I have these random keepsakes that I have been given over the years. They are probably not worth a cent. However, they are my most precious items. A small glittery deer, a rabbit that my mom painted my name on, a picture of us together. These random things probably look weird all displayed but that is ok. Its good to have keepsakes to remind you that life is still moving around you. Take time to keep the past close otherwise you will never learn from it.


Hello, Darkness

I believe we all have emptiness inside us. We all have this space we try to fill up. Some fill it with toys, work, sex, whatever we can. Some days I feel my emptiness more then others. However, I realize this emptiness is normal. It happens to us all. Doesnt mean there is anything wrong with us. So many are too quick to medicate, legally or illegally. I am not saying ignore a real serious problem. But there are many normal human conditions that we just have to live with. Embrace your humanity, to include the sucky parts.

Sunday Meditations


I talk a lot about kindness and being kind. I should also talk about what kindness really is. I didn’t know what good kindness was for many years. True kindness is an action that doesn’t cause you undo burden. For example, I use to spend a lot of my time and money being kind to other people. I thought the more money I gave and the more inconvenient it was meant I was being “kind.” In reality kindness is giving when you would or could have walked away. Sometimes money or time is involved but it doesn’t leave you destitute. Make sure you practice healthy kindness!

Home Improvement

Finally!! Got my shelves up and my books on them!!!

So happy with the way it turned out there was a lot of hard work that went into making this lovely library. The paint color was a fluke. I just went to the store and grabbed a color. I really didn’t have much in mind for what I really wanted. However, this color came out well. The brackets were put up very carefully making sure everything was level and perfectly aligned. That took some work let me tell you. In places you can still see my pencil lines. The boards were stained with Dark Walnut color. I really wanted to go with an old fashion look. The dark wood looks good with the dark brackets. Staining went easy but when it came to varnishing my mom advised that I would need three coats of varnish. Then between each coat I was to use steel wool and rub them down. That makes the boards very smooth and any imperfections don’t stand out as much. I did listen to her and took the time to do three coats with the rub down in between. I have to say they came out very well. So after about 6 boxes of book I am to say that the Watson House Library is open for visitors! YAY!



Sunday Meditations


I have a co-worker that is in between rentals right now and is staying in my spare room. I am often told that this action is a great kindness and is above and beyond the norm. However, I don’t believe it is such a great act. If we are to spend so much time at our job why not treat it like you would extended family. If my sister was between homes, of course, I would offer for her to stay (more likely she would just show up) and so why not do that with someone I spend most of my time with. Now I am not saying to go outside your comfort area. We all have those Crazy Uncle type coworkers. It shouldn’t be considered anymore extraordinary then bringing in food or giving someone a ride to work. It is a kindness…and in the end only kindness matters.

Book Review: May

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte  Another great classic that everyone should take the time to read. It is about a small community and family feuds. The writing is lovely. I love the old English way of speaking. It is a sad story but well worth a read every few years!

Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfer This is a story is about a very young child who, after his father disappears, becomes the head of a crime family. He decides to leave his mark by capturing the faery wealth. It is a well written, entertaining story. A must read for any one who likes adventures.


Fodor’s Costa Rica Guide


What’s for Dinner?


Lentil Soup with Herb Yogurt    I love Indian food. I am sure most of you do too. So I am always on the look out for Indian dishes. Often times I don’t get the right flavors because I have to compromise on spices. The woes of living in rural areas. Anyhow, this is a very easy recipe with common spices (I could even find the Tarragon). Totally worth a try.

Crockpot Sausage and Peppers  So I don’t have a online recipe link for this one as it was given to me by a friend many years ago. It is a very simple (as you want it to be) and cheap meal that will feed at least 4. So the basic ingredients are; Can of Spaghetti sauce 24oz, brats, sweet pepper, 1 box of medium shell pasta, spices. So Hunts has a can of pasta sauce for 1$ and is prefect size for this dish. Plus they come in different flavors. I tend to get spicy brats but whatever you like. Cut them in to 1inch slices and dump them in the crock pot. One sweet pepper is enough, dice it up. Oregano or Italian spices are the easiest but you can get quite crafty. For a while I was putting in 1/4 tsp. cinnamon and making it a tad sweet. You can also add jalapenos, onion, cheese, etc. Cook in crockpot until sausage is tender (4-6 hours) and pour servings over shell pasta.

Lemonade Pies This was a great hit at work. I was able to get about 14 little pies out of the crust but you can use bigger or smaller cutters. I found the lemon curd in the jelly/jam section. It isn’t cheap so you might want to think about using lemon pie filling. Also I feel that there is a bunch of scraps that comes from cutting circles. I just baked the scraps and they were great.