Hello, Darkness

I believe we all have emptiness inside us. We all have this space we try to fill up. Some fill it with toys, work, sex, whatever we can. Some days I feel my emptiness more then others. However, I realize this emptiness is normal. It happens to us all. Doesnt mean there is anything wrong with us. So many are too quick to medicate, legally or illegally. I am not saying ignore a real serious problem. But there are many normal human conditions that we just have to live with. Embrace your humanity, to include the sucky parts.


Home Improvement

Finally!! Got my shelves up and my books on them!!!

So happy with the way it turned out there was a lot of hard work that went into making this lovely library. The paint color was a fluke. I just went to the store and grabbed a color. I really didn’t have much in mind for what I really wanted. However, this color came out well. The brackets were put up very carefully making sure everything was level and perfectly aligned. That took some work let me tell you. In places you can still see my pencil lines. The boards were stained with Dark Walnut color. I really wanted to go with an old fashion look. The dark wood looks good with the dark brackets. Staining went easy but when it came to varnishing my mom advised that I would need three coats of varnish. Then between each coat I was to use steel wool and rub them down. That makes the boards very smooth and any imperfections don’t stand out as much. I did listen to her and took the time to do three coats with the rub down in between. I have to say they came out very well. So after about 6 boxes of book I am to say that the Watson House Library is open for visitors! YAY!



Sunday Meditations


I have a co-worker that is in between rentals right now and is staying in my spare room. I am often told that this action is a great kindness and is above and beyond the norm. However, I don’t believe it is such a great act. If we are to spend so much time at our job why not treat it like you would extended family. If my sister was between homes, of course, I would offer for her to stay (more likely she would just show up) and so why not do that with someone I spend most of my time with. Now I am not saying to go outside your comfort area. We all have those Crazy Uncle type coworkers. It shouldn’t be considered anymore extraordinary then bringing in food or giving someone a ride to work. It is a kindness…and in the end only kindness matters.

Sunday Meditations

After a long week of international travel one always feels grateful to return home. At least I do. I think it is something we don’t do often enough; travel to foreign places. While we can get new ideas and prospectives, we also gain an appreciation of what we have. In rare cases we find that we need to change what we have too. All good things toward a happy, health mind and home.

Home Improvements

Ever onward for house projects. I have had the boards for some time. I put the brackets up a few weeks ago ( you can see here). I wanted to go with a dark wood so set off my green walls and make it look like an old Victorian era library/smoking room. I went with the Dark Walnut stain and it came out beautifully! Now I have to do three coats of varnish… thanks mom! I also made my own sawhorse with the cheap brackets. Super awesome way of doing it if you ask me. I also got good use of my garage.


Kitty Time


Having gotten my kitties when I still live out in the woods they have been used to coming and going as they pleased. Moving into town has been an adjustment for us all. No more going outside when ever, now we are all restricted on what we can do outside. That hasn’t stopped us though! With a dog harness my eldest Raleigh was able to spend some quality time outside enjoying an evening breeze. His little sister got to come outside too but just wasn’t having her picture taken. Sometimes you have to make the best of a situation. This works for us. Perhaps as time move on we will work to the grass while I work in the flower beds.

Home Improvements

Well its official, I can install lights! I got this beauty on Wayfair during their Way Day Deals. I immediately like the light. It was a bit of a pickle because the door opens within 3 inches of the light and doesn’t give you many options for something impressive. You should always have something unique or eye catching in the entry way. This was the best I could do. Really, I do like it. I have to say it almost didn’t get installed as it was having issues attaching the base plate to the ceiling. However, I did get it worked out.  After the frustration of trying to get the install together, I was a bit annoyed with the light. Now, though, as I have time to relax and sit and see it I really like it. When you sit in the living room it hangs just perfect in the door way. And just goes to show you that a none trained person can do home improvements just like this!