The Begin in Beginnings

It has been about two weeks since my move to Maine. The road trip went well enough. The move-in was alright. The house has some really narrow stairs. I have a huge mess in the trailer I really should organize it. In the back of my mind, it’s annoying me. I am starting to get my barrings at work. There are some interesting polices that will take a bit to get used to.

I was very hopeful in finding a place that I could purchase. Then I would have my own place to leave my stuff. Yes, we all want a place to store our stuff while we go and get more stuff. The few places I looked at were just not going to work. I had a moment of frustration and a knee-jerk reaction to bail on everything. To wallow in self pity and go down a dark path. Well, that lasted a day and then I pulled up my big girl pants.

So, I am going to go house hunting and see if there is anything worth making into my home. I am going to get settled into work. Hopefully, I can get word about when I will be heading overseas for a temporary posting. Certainly, makes it easier to plan if I know where things are going to fall. I am going to go to my brother’s graduation. And be a proud big sister.

Next year is gonna kick ass!


Sunday Meditations

With all that has happen in the last few weeks and months I can’t help but be grateful.  I think reflecting on the good and the bad helps us understand the flow of our lives. A few months ago when that one thing was too big for you and you look now and see how insignificant it really was. Now next time we can conqure that battle without batting an eyelash.  

The Story in Books


I have been meaning to write this post for a few days and I have been putting it off. This book I am reading brought up an idea of “karass.” This is idea is actually from Kurt Vonnegut story, The Cat’s Cradle. He suggests,

“A karass is a spontaneously forming group, joined by unpredictable links, that actually gets stuff done— as Vonnegut describes it, “a team that do[es] God’s Will without ever discovering what they are doing.”

I think this is a brilliant way of thinking. I have always known that people come into our lives for reasons beyond our understanding. This book (Among Others) brought that knowledge back to the forefront. I am ending a chapter and starting a new one soon. Makes a person nostalgic. I think of the people who would be my karass here.  The quiet one whom I share their pain and love dearly. The crazy one who has the biggest heart. The young one who reminds me of me when I was first starting.  The yin to my yang. These people have made me grow and I can only hope I’ve helped in some small way. In these relationships I can only hope that our ripples have affected others in a positive way. For if they are writing a story of us my prayer is for those ripples to carry beyond the edge of the universe.



Language of Books




As many of you know I am a reader. I love books. What can I say? Reading a new book is like learning a new language, a new accent, a new person.  I just recently finished one and moved on to another and a thought came to me. Books are like people in that each has a voice, soul, a way of speaking. I find that sometimes it takes a few chapters for me to learn the new “person.” I have to learn their style of wit and humor. I have to adapt to their accent or style of speaking. It is kind of becoming friends with a new person you learn all their likes and dislikes. There are some books that I instantly get along with and others that I have to work at the relationship. Makes me wonder how much of the author is in the story. Is it just made up or is it really a part of them.


Sunday Meditation: Late


Wow, I missed a Sunday Meditation. I am so sorry. I know that many of you follow my Sunday Posts. So this belated post is about taking a moment and organizing your week. I am in the process of moving. I have a lot that my mind is trying to figure out—with or without my consent. My mind takes off and starts thinking about what get packed in what box. This goes here and that there. All that mind work makes me tired and forgetful. I have started a list now. And I work things off the list. This way I don’t get overwhelmed about everything that needs to get done. Make sure to find out what works for you. There is no reason to get overwhelmed. Especially if you plan and prepare. 🙂


Love, Unconditional

So much has happen in the last few weeks. I have gotten two, possibly three offers to transfer. All my desire to leave MN and now I don’t have time. In the last three weeks I have traveled half the east coast and tramped around DC. Waited by the phone as my sister was over taken by one of the largest hurricanes to date. Spend too much time with my mom but appreciate her all the same. And still not enough time.

But there is always time to take in the moments. It only takes a moment. I thought about it when I noticed so much change in the leaves since I’ve been gone. In the smell of rain.  In the love of my cats. 

So if cats aren’t your thing that’s totally fine. If its cars, video games, a breeze, or whatever makes you realize that when your life seems to fall apart you can focus on these tiny moments and see so much more. Find your peace.  It will help in more ways then you will ever know.