I am working in a very rural area this and next week. If I see 10 people that’s a lot. I spend my 8 hours wasting time. Just doing anything to make the time pass. It takes all my breath. Coming home I just want to hide. But also I want to make up for the lethargy. I want to do a hundred projects I have to do. Instead I end up watching TV until its late enough to go to bed. Is it dark enough?


Kitty Time


Having gotten my kitties when I still live out in the woods they have been used to coming and going as they pleased. Moving into town has been an adjustment for us all. No more going outside when ever, now we are all restricted on what we can do outside. That hasn’t stopped us though! With a dog harness my eldest Raleigh was able to spend some quality time outside enjoying an evening breeze. His little sister got to come outside too but just wasn’t having her picture taken. Sometimes you have to make the best of a situation. This works for us. Perhaps as time move on we will work to the grass while I work in the flower beds.

Home Improvements

So this is why I have been so quiet. I have been painting my house. My mother came up to help and we knocked out some major projects. It has been a huge change and I love it. I have no desire to paint anymore, anytime soon. So here is what I have done so far. This is the dinning room. It was this bold farm house red. I went with Mosaic Blue. Its bold but at the same time not overbearing.

I┬ápicked out a neutral gray for the living room. It is called Quiet Rain. I wasn’t sure about how much I liked it. However, it has grown on me with the curtains, rug, and dark baseboards. I have ordered a Chesterfield type loveseat to go next to the chaise. Down the road I will get a full size Chesterfield couch. It really has matched the dinning room well.


The hallway and entry way took a long time to do. I might have done some sketchy stuff on the ladder to reach some of the corners but its DONE. Its hard to see but the color used to be yellow. Like a sunshine yellow. Now it is Fencepost White. Yes, I got it just for the name. While I like it better then the yellow it is a bit sterile. Once I get my storage trailer out of the snow bank I will be able to put my artwork up and that should help add character.







So now I am going to add shelves to the library. I have all the boards and brackets, I just need to do it. It is really coming together. I don’t think I will have to do any more indoor painting unless I want to change my bedroom. I would like use Quiet Rain in the laundry room because its super dark but that is for another time.



Sunday Meditations

I recently watched a show that made mention that we forget the bad and polish the good of people we remember. Often times we are shocked when we remember something bad. This is OK. Its OK to forgive the bad and remember the good. It helps us carry on. So keep that in mind they were human and made mistakes but that’s OK. Someday someone will think back on you and only remember the good.

Thicker than Blood


Why is it that family brings you down the easiest? These are the people who raised you and were side by side for all our lives. How is it that it seems ok to torment and burden those closest to you? Parents do it to their children and the children do it back. They push and poke and prod until there is nothing left but a chapped sore. Perhaps it is only my family who is like this. That the only time we are getting along is when we are in separate states. I will never say we aren’t disfunctional because we are. There is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy though. I need to find that line.

On the Road Again



Here I sit, another layover; another airport; another city. I send a lot of time in this in between space. Not here, not there, I feel lost in the void. I spent the time eating, reading, sleeping, waiting. Listening and watching those who flow past. Each has a story. Each has their own separate life and destiny. There’s a word for that. Would you trade your life for one of theirs? Would they want yours instead?

Sunday Meditations

Winter time is a very common time to suffer depression. Whether its Seasonal Depression or the weariness that comes from high stress holidays, it’s easy to find yourself in the dumps. Keep an eye out on family and friends and for yourself. Take a moment to see Spring is just around the corner.