Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I never know what to put in these “about me” sections. How do I not make myself sound conceded or odd or maybe a little bit crazy? Well I will just start at the beginning.

I was born the oldest of three in the summer of 1985 to a pair of wonderful people. My dad was in industry and my mom was a nurse. My sister and brother now work in the biology and mathematics field respectively. We moved around the US a lot and traveled all over the world. Out of High School I went to college for Business Management. I have been training horses since my teens. After moving out of my parents house I continued the tradition of moving–quiet often too. I started a career in Law Enforcement since training horses isn’t as lucrative as it once was.

I still work with horses when I get a chance, though I don’t have my own anymore. I only have a pair of cats that tolerate my hectic schedule. I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, being outdoors, cooking, movies, etc. I am always looking for a way to expand my knowledge of other cultures. I hope you all can inspire me! Feel free to contact me anytime. Easiest way is by email me at In the subject line put something that will catch my eye! 🙂