Book Reviews: October


The Piano Man’s Daughter by Timothy Findley I got this book because of the cover art. It is a painting called Flaming June. I love that painting so much I have one hanging in my room. I figured that if the author was drawn to it too we might have something in common.

War of the Worlds by H.G Wells I had really forgotten how much I enjoy classic books. There was a different way of writing then.  I am such a hopeless romantic but I can’t help it! This story is not exception.  It is a fantastic story of Martians taking over jolly ol’ London. Slightly anticlimactic ending though.

Among Others by Jo Walton  This was an interesting book. It really was a story who reads as much as I do and her live beyond the books. It was a good read though a bit sparse. However, I did come up with quite a few new books to read.


The Story in Books


I have been meaning to write this post for a few days and I have been putting it off. This book I am reading brought up an idea of “karass.” This is idea is actually from Kurt Vonnegut story, The Cat’s Cradle. He suggests,

“A karass is a spontaneously forming group, joined by unpredictable links, that actually gets stuff done— as Vonnegut describes it, “a team that do[es] God’s Will without ever discovering what they are doing.”

I think this is a brilliant way of thinking. I have always known that people come into our lives for reasons beyond our understanding. This book (Among Others) brought that knowledge back to the forefront. I am ending a chapter and starting a new one soon. Makes a person nostalgic. I think of the people who would be my karass here.  The quiet one whom I share their pain and love dearly. The crazy one who has the biggest heart. The young one who reminds me of me when I was first starting.  The yin to my yang. These people have made me grow and I can only hope I’ve helped in some small way. In these relationships I can only hope that our ripples have affected others in a positive way. For if they are writing a story of us my prayer is for those ripples to carry beyond the edge of the universe.



Sunday Meditations


I was in the lunch room and a co-worker randomly mentioned to me that “life is hell.” I asked if it was all parts of life or something specific. I was told it was here at work. It got me thinking. I was thinking about how we perceived our environment and how it affects us. I was going to tell him about focusing on the good but I knew it wouldn’t do any good. This person always complains about how life is so horrible. I agree that our work environment is quite poor and it is, in part, our fault letting it get this bad. However, you can change your situation. You are not a tree. You can move; to another place, situation, or mindset. It is possible. It takes compromises and work but it can be done. I was quite miserable a few months ago but I worked to change the situation. It is some you have to work toward. So if you feel that your life is hell…. Change it!!! You have that ability. It might not be a perfect change and it might not be immediate. Don’t be miserable because you don’t want to make the effort.


Sunday Meditations

You know that cliche saying “Live every day is your last.”  Well that doesn’t mean you might die but only that something might end. I am destined to move in about three weeks and many things are “my last.” My last 4wheeler ride through the swamp, my last Friday Prime Rib and Beer evening out, my last….. So don’t scoff at the idea of “your last” equals death. Keep in mind something might unexpectedly or expectedly end but you will continue. 

Getting What You Want


Well it is official, I am moving. Leaving the great frozen land of northern Minnesota and heading for the rolling hills of northern Maine. I spent so much energy trying to move and when it happened I was almost dumbfounded. It is like when you push against something and it gives way unexpectedly. You have that moment of panic before you catch your balance (or fall). I got over the momentary panic and moved into action mode. I packed stuff and sold things and prepped to go. Now I am in a holding pattern. Hurry up and wait, right?

 I will be heading East at the end of the month. My mom has offered to come with me. A offer that I am not sure I should have accepted. However, it’s a bit late to turn back now. I have planed the route and set up housing in my new place. Now it is only a matter of waiting until the end of the month. It can’t come soon enough and all the same it will come too quickly.


Any of you from Maine or visited? Where are the places I have to go to? Any suggestions?


Language of Books




As many of you know I am a reader. I love books. What can I say? Reading a new book is like learning a new language, a new accent, a new person.  I just recently finished one and moved on to another and a thought came to me. Books are like people in that each has a voice, soul, a way of speaking. I find that sometimes it takes a few chapters for me to learn the new “person.” I have to learn their style of wit and humor. I have to adapt to their accent or style of speaking. It is kind of becoming friends with a new person you learn all their likes and dislikes. There are some books that I instantly get along with and others that I have to work at the relationship. Makes me wonder how much of the author is in the story. Is it just made up or is it really a part of them.


Sunday Meditations



Acceptance of others and yourself isn’t an easy thing. It is difficult to accept your current place in the world. We all want bigger and better things and quite often we want the things other people have. The hardest part is just been content with what you have at this present moment. To not get caught up in the wants and desires of all those around you. If you can accept yourself it will be easier to move on in life. You might not be where you want to be but for this moment that is ok and work towards your goals. Keep that in mind when you pine after things you don’t have. It will change the way you act towards everyone around you.