On the Road Again



Here I sit, another layover; another airport; another city. I send a lot of time in this in between space. Not here, not there, I feel lost in the void. I spent the time eating, reading, sleeping, waiting. Listening and watching those who flow past. Each has a story. Each has their own separate life and destiny. There’s a word for that. Would you trade your life for one of theirs? Would they want yours instead?


Sunday Meditations


Often times we hear that we should be “in the world but not of the world.” I do agree with that but I have noticed something. We aren’t even “in the world” any more. All we do is have stare at our devises and ignore our surroundings. So I say to you… BE IN THE WORLD. Interact with strangers, friends, and family. See the flowers and the shapes of clouds. Be as a child and embrace your life!

What is a Shutdown?


Many of you probably do not work for the U.S. Government and are not directly affected by a government shutdown. I thought I would share how it has affected me. This is my second furlough. A furlough is a leave of absence. Many types of furlough are in use, such as, sabbaticals, medical leaves, R&R. This government furlough means that non-essential personal will be sitting at home waiting for a budget to pass. They will stay home without pay. If the politicians vote to approve back pay then all those sitting at home will essentially have been paid to wait. This might sound wonderful but think about not getting a paycheck for 3-5 weeks. Could you live on what is in your bank account for the time being? Or would you have to put a lot on credit cards?

For Officers like myself, I still go to work. My job is considered essential for public safety. So really I am working without pay. In the last shutdown I missed two paychecks. So that means I had to work without a paycheck and still hope that my bills would be covered. It is a hard position to be in. Gotta eat! For Officers in training they will be sent back home. This means that all those who are eager to finish and begin their career will be delayed. They too will bide their time without pay. I have seen cases where trainees that were a few weeks into their training and returned to training had to start over from the beginning. You can’t know how much that sucks.

So while the common man will not be directly affected by this shutdown it does effect some. It is frustrating and stressful for the most part. While it is a pain not to have pay for a few weeks a person who manages their finances well will not be overly burdened. While you listen to all of this propaganda on the news think about us lowly public servants that continue our day jobs for you and yours safety.

Sunday Meditations

Winter time is a very common time to suffer depression. Whether its Seasonal Depression or the weariness that comes from high stress holidays, it’s easy to find yourself in the dumps. Keep an eye out on family and friends and for yourself. Take a moment to see Spring is just around the corner.

Late Night Musings


All too often we get caught up in our own little world. We forget the world doesn’t revolve around us. We forget to take a moment and be part of our surroundings.  My day in and out is work and home and work. Paying bills and looking for things I want.  What time do I take with thoughts on others? Or for that matter what times does others think of others? Do you worry about your pocket or do you leave yourself behind and put others first? Often times, I’ve noticed, when all we think about is ourselves we tend to mes it up. We screw over our friends and family for our own gain. But in the end we never get ahead.

Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? And why take you thought for clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:


Sunday Meditations


Many millions of people suffer from some type of depression. I think at some level this is the normal working of the brain. The waxing and waning of hormones and other factors. The emotional depression is normal. We all have points in our life that drag us down. The key is to recognize and accept that you are depressed and move through it. It is so easy just to wallow in the pain. It is much harder to make yourself push through. But you can! And it will get better. If it takes medication or a spa day or just disappear for a day you can get through it. We are here to help each other.