Hard lines


So I just found out that my God-Niece is cutting herself. She is about 10 years old. Recently her father was diagnosed with Parkinson and her mother is a little bipolar. There has been some loss of grandparents and my dad. Also with the parents having a hard time finding work the home life is very unstable.

My God-Niece “Jenny” is a very happy girl. I would never had expected to hear this from her mom. She is always happy and excited to be around. She is a fabulous painter and has an amazing imagination. I am beyond lost as what to do for her.

I know that she wasn’t too happy that I moved away but I try to stay in contact as much as I can. I talk with them often. I just don’t know what to do. Jenny will be getting counseling and some professional help. I know that her family life isn’t perfect but she is very loved and cared for. She has great friends and even a horse that she does great with. I am still at a loss. I think about when I was young and thought about cutting or suicide but for me it was half hearted. I became more apathetic to life instead of acting against it. It have proposed taking her for the summer to get her away from the stresses of her home life. I just hope we can do something before it is too late.

If you have any insight or ideas please let me know. I want to help her get this under control now so that she doesn’t have a harder adolescent and adulthood.


Two Weeks

Wow. What a crazy two weeks. I feel like I was moving the entire time. Got to say that the tour group can fit a lot into a few short days. I would have written sooner but internet was only at my room and by the time I got there I was asleep. Thanks for hanging on while I was away.

Thailand was a wonderful country. I would love to go again. I feel like we stayed away from the Eastern and Southern areas. That is ok because we did see a lot of the sights! The original capital cities were amazing. Ruins in bright orange and yellow colors. The temples were ornate and fabulous. So much time went into every square inch of the temples. Thought and detail way beyond my understanding. I loved it!

The people were kind and wonderful. Many willing to show us their way of life and inviting us to get a glimpse of how they live and why they live that way. Many villages seem poor to us Americans but their life if so full of character and endurance. Watching the way they use the things around them and their relationship with each other and the animals was awe-inspiring.

I was able to bring many items home to enrich my home and remind my self of Smiling Thailand. I will remember and hopefully be able to take the lessons they taught me to heart and be a better person because of it.

Please share your adventures regardless of where they are.


Well been in Thailand a few days now.¬† Super awesome.¬† Immediately¬† saw a big difference between Thailand and other Asian countries.¬† Its all about happiness.¬† Smile! If things don’t work out today maybe tomorrow.¬† Of course that could be my fantastic tour guide’s enthusiasm.

We have seen some awe inspiring temples.¬† Right in the middle of the slums is a 5 ton solid gold Buddha. In America it would have been vandalized.¬† That’s another thing I enjoy about Asian countries.¬† They take care of their parks and temples.¬† If only we would do the same in the USA. I realize the with Christianity being the leading religion that we don’t have idols to worship.¬† However, by making a place where people can go and worship in their own way and find a peaceful spot to see God we would go a long way to a happier and healthier life.¬† I hope to find a way for me to do that when I get home.

Of course the cleanliness is another factor to think about when you are going to an Asian country.¬† I’ve only ever gone to China but I see many similarities. Sewer smells and garbage on the street seem common place.¬† It is amazing some of the smells you walk into.¬† One second you are enjoying the smell of a street vender and the next you dry heave.¬† What an experience.¬† For such a poor country there seems to be a lot of working people.¬† I have seen a few spots of homeless but mostly everyone seems to be engaged in something.¬† Lots of people hocking their wares.¬† Saw a place I could get a dress made right before my eyes for about $150. Or a massage for $10.¬† I will be stopping there for sure.

Today we are heading up north.  Should be neat to see the change of terrain.  I look forward to more temples, markets, and animal parks!!


Watched the Czechoslovakian Opera, Rusalka, last night. I must say wow! It was very imaginative and moving. The lead was fabulous. Her voice carried so well. The set was perfect. They projected images on a screen in the back so you felt like you were under water or in the forest. It was an amazing production with only 19 actors.

In case you don’t know Rusalka is a tragedy version of little mermaid. She goes to her father and asks to be on land and he said she will only find misery. Rusalka goes to her Aunt and by giving up her riches and voice gains her wish to be human. One problem is if she can’t make her Prince love her Rusalka will be doomed to eternal misery. So she goes to her Prince and they have a short fling but he chases after another woman and Rusalka finds herself in the bottom of the ocean in misery. The Aunt said she will lift the curse but Rusalka must kill the Prince which Rusalka say she can’t do. Finally the Prince comes seeking his true love and dies in Rusalka’s arms.

It is a great Opera. With all that happens on stage you might have to see it twice. I will be going to more and I can’t wait!!! I believe Beauty and the Beast is playing next. Should be great!




I once went camping in a hidden grove in Idaho. I lay in a field and a dormouse came and talked to me. Then a moose came and danced around me.  Perhaps it was only a dream but why are there tracks all around where I was? True story by the way. My best friend saw it too.

Whole New World

Royal Palace of Siam in Bangkok. My 1st stop!

I am leaving for Thailand in 4 days. Really starting to sink in! I am finishing writing note to remind myself to write notes. Yes, I am one of those people. LOL. I think I am just about set. Its going to be a long time in the airport/plane but that is all part of the experience. My sister will be coming with me so that is a wonderful experience we can share together. So much to do!

Sometimes I find myself not focused enough on the right now. I already have ideas for the trip after this one. I should just be thinking about my Thailand trip instead. Like a child I realize that the whole world is open to me. I can go anywhere! I can see any corner of this ball of¬†dirt we call earth. (Well maybe not North Korea.) I can’t tell you how amazing that feeling is. Its freeing and frustrating. Freeing because I just have to pick a spot and go. Frustrating because I have to work to pay for my trips. Now there’s the dream job. If I could travel as my job. I would be blogging all day and bringing you with me like you were really there!

Sigh. If only we had developed a teleport system already! Come on Star Trek get on it. LOL. I haven’t started stressing…yet. I feel very prepared for the trip so I tell myself there is nothing to stress about.¬† I am sure it will come as we get closer to the day of travel.

The night before my flight, my best friend and I are going to see a Czech Opera Rusalka. It is kind of a Grimm Fairy Tale version of Little Mermaid. So pretty much a tragedy where everyone dies. Should be awesome. I am so glad that we have such great venues like this close by. (4 hour drive is close right?)

I will be posting pictures of my trip here. I still want to know what inspires you. Where would you go?