To Grandmother’s house…

My Grandparent’s trip to Europe in 1980


So I have made it home. About 12 hours ago and now I am at work. Oh yay! My trip to my grandparents was wonderful. I should not have waited so long to see them. My grandmother’s birthday is on Mother’s Day. She will be 90. Grandpa is 94. And they are both very capable people. They still manage doing everything on their own. No major medical issues. If I didn’t know better I would say they are much younger. My Grandpa even drives and not too scary at that!

 I arrived Thursday evening. They were so happy to pick me up at the tiny little airport of their retirement community. I was happy to be in some warmer weather since we can’t get out of the 40s in the Northern Wilderness. They had to take me to a restaurant that they swore I’ve never been to even though it is the same one they take me to every time I visit. The food sucks in my opinion but my grandfather gets a kick out of the lewd pictures on the wall. He enjoys pointing them out. Sigh men are always men no matter how old. I’ve been to their cozy home before and settled in just fine. They were so excited that I was there.

 The next morning was spent lounging and relaxing (for me at least). Breakfast was served promptly when I got up; cereal, toast, and O.J.. I read and enjoyed the warm, dry air. They watched Matlock and their soap. The typical stuff you watch when you are sick on a week day. LOL. Lunch was very simple. One piece of bread and one piece of sandwich meat. I may have splurged and had two pieces of meat. After I got a tour of the town. They showed me all the sights they normally show me. Then they took me to the casino to see if I could get any free play as a new member. I won $5 but played it. We stopped at the grocery store where I found out my grandpa likes asparagus. I bought some so that we could have it with dinner. Then I paid for groceries, a splurge at $15, while they fussed at me.

 Dinner was roast with a half dozen type of veggies. Grandpa like the way I made the asparagus and ate 3 servings! And this is how my weekend went, being doted on and fussed at. We went and saw Jungle Book. Got to say it was awesome! It’s amazing for me to think that they were both born in the ‘20s. The life they have lead is amazing. They have traveled a bit. They raised three children. They have grandchildren and great grandchildren. It just beyond comprehension. I talked with them about their parents who were born in the late 1800s. Amazing we can cross that century mark in just a few generation.

 I will have to go back soon. I know they probably only have about 5 more years with us. It is going to be very sad but I treasure every moment with them. I am so proud my grandparents actually text me. Well before I really bore you I will sigh off. I will post another part of my story soon.


Tomorrow is Yesterday Part 3

Hey, got to go kayaking today. Was great! Didn’t get wet…well not too wet. I always dribble water on me.  Weather broke just after I got off work and gave us about an hour to get out in one of the small rivers. Gotta say though the water was very cold when you suck your hands into it. This is a picture of my trip. Has nothing to do with Part 3. Delivered as promised. Got sidetracked catching up on Blacklist. Love that show.

Paddling down Black River.



Tomorrow is Yesterday; Part 3

My mind was a million miles away. Dinner was cooking on the stove. The smell of cheese and spices filled my tiny apartment. Marra, my cat, threaded around my feet as I added ingredients to my concoction. I had Jack Johnson playing in the background. I had loved him since my childhood. My dream had always been to spend time in Florida or some tropical place and listening to Jack made me feel like I was on a beach with sand on my feet and ocean spray on my face. Regardless of the song I was always happy daydreaming about sun and surf. Marra got under my feet bringing my attention to the present to avoid tripping on her. Cursing under my breath I shooed her out of the kitchen. I hummed contently to myself as I pulled lasagna noodles out of boiling water. I slowly began to build my lasagna adding mounds of Rosetta, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. I added tomato sauce, spiced ground beef, and a myriad of spices.  I ended up with a huge over stuffed pan that I struggled to set into the oven. As it baked, I made garlic bread and a salad with fresh strawberries and almonds. I loved to cook. I enjoyed making big meals but since it was just me, and sometimes Jen, I only made big meals once a week. I never minded eating leftovers. They were always so good.  Jen had been busy tonight but promised me she would help me with the leftovers tomorrow. For tonight, though, I was on my own.

Marra curled up on my lap and I used her as a dinner tray. We lay on the couch and watched the new episode of our favorite television show.  I was not much into reality shows. Normally my channel selection was between Animal Planet and TCM. Marra and I watched an episode of a nature show about underwater ecosystems. I was always fascinated about the ocean. I wished I had spent more time in the water swimming and snorkeling. Perhaps one day I told myself. At a decently late hour I went to bed and read a few chapters of the latest bestseller. Tonight my favorite pastime, reading, was not keeping me awake. I was emotionally drained from the day and wanted to slip back into my fog. Yawning I rolled over and dropped my book to the floor. Marra curled around my feet and purred sleepily.

My dreams troubled me. I saw images from my trouble past and I tried to run but like all dreams you always seem to run in mud. I could not get any speed and my past was catching up. This time there was a new person in the dream. I could not make him out. The shadows of my past clouded the person out. I tried to work toward the stranger.Then, suddenly in a bright light he was right in front of me.

Tomorrow is Yesterday Part 2

As promised, perhaps couple days late, here is part two of my story. Hope you like. I will try to get part three before I leave on my trip

I worked for a local temp service agency in their Human Resources Department. It was a great place to work. The office was small and drama was minimum. There was nothing more exciting then a company that needed a temp employee, like, yesterday.  My boss, Jen, was my neighbor. She and I had been instant friends when I moved in and she got me the job at the agency. My instant messenger popped up. Jen pestered me about my lunch desires. With a sigh I posted back Normal. I never got anything different from our local café. I got egg salad sandwich with chips and orange Fanta drink. As I child, I had consumed so much orange soda that I did not like it any more but there is something about fountain drinks that make it so good. My stomach growled as I thought about the egg salad. My mother had got me hooked on egg salad as a child and this café’s salad was perfect.

Jen picked up lunch from the café and we walked outside to eat in the warming sun.  I watched cars go by as Jen discussed weekend plans. We were going to a “Movie in the Park” showing of Casablanca. She loved old black and white movies and I was slowly being converted. The city played movies all the time at the park by our apartments. Since Jen lived directly across from me and we spent a lot of time together. I had never spent so much time with one person since my divorce. Unlike most people who annoyed me to no end, Jen some how got me. She was the kind of person who I told things to that I did not even tell my self. She was much more extroverted then me but sometimes she needed a little nudge in the right direction. I was always there to make sure she did not do anything too crazy.

On days, like today, she knew to let me mull over my thoughts. Jen kept up random conversation about unimportant things. Today was the anniversary of my divorce from my abusive ex-husband. Though I was glad that I was no longer in the relationship I tended to spend too much time thinking about what I should have done differently.

After lunch the office was normally slow and I was able to catch up the work I procrastinated during the morning while in our weekly meeting. I was in charge of setting up the accounts for our clients and the temp workers. I also manned the front desk. More or less I was a glorified secretary but it was a good job and while Jen was technically my manager we worked like a single person. She needed things done in a certain way and I was able to put everything into “her” language.

Quick Note


Thought I would write a quick note while I have a second. I been meaning to post another piece of my story. So for anyone paying attention it will be out soon! Tomorrow or the next day. Then next week I will be gone Thursday through the following Tuesday. So I will only be able to post off my phone. If I am really with it I should be able to post two sections of my story. We are getting some rain tonight. It’s a warm soft night. I am so glad we are really getting out of winter. I hope that I can get the Kayak in the water before my mini-trip. Fingers crossed. I have an assessment test scheduled for next Wednesday. I am super nervous. It is a lot of logic and reasoning. Words can be so confusing sometimes. Especially when some of the trucks are ready. Means that All could be ready but not none. Seriously?! Well then there is a part that is what would I do if I was a supervisor and these emails came in. So mostly how much of the Kool-Aid have I drank. Drunk. Guess I will keep studying my logic lessons. 🙂

End of Winter

I’ve been kind of low lately. Lack of sleep and being pulled in eight different directions does that to a person. I have been uninspired and unfocused. I hate the hurry up and wait. While I have great plans for the summer and beyond I still have to wait for those days to approach. My mother has been giving me grief too. Literal grief. She messages me right out of the blue and was saying how much she misses my dog, Dorian. How his passing and the loss of him is a good pain that she will always reveal in. I said that I really don’t feel pain. In the few months since he has been gone I have missed his presence but I have gain joy from my memories. The pain really isn’t there for me. Only a bittersweet smile that comes to my lips when I think of my lil’ rascal.  My mother continued to push the issue about how I should live in the pain. Perhaps that works for her but that isn’t how I function. She isn’t willing to let me function how I do. She always pushes her ideals on others. She isn’t willing to understand or try to understand. It always frustrates me and makes me feel so low. So not part of a family when my own mother doesn’t even understand her child. I must let things go. I must not let things get to me. Beyond feeling low, work is majorly slow and I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a week.


A wise person once said “This too will pass.”

Cold Days


I had aspirations for a great post today. However, life isn’t helping me today. I feel so sluggish that I can barely move. It’s another cold day. Hopefully the last of them. Next week it looks like the temps are on the rise. I am hopeful. This spring has been one big tease. Oh look 60*! Never mind here is a half foot of snow and negative wind chills. Brrrr and grrrr! I have been looking at a few places to put the kayaks in. The little lake I wanted to use is still under ice but the rivers are clears and I hope to get in the water next week! Also coming up is a visit to my grandparents. I am looking forward to the trip but it is kind of bitter sweet. They are both in their 90s and I know they soon won’t be with us. Makes me sad. But they have had a great live. And already have lived to see their great grandbabies. Well sigh I have already run out of steam. Should of stayed in bed. But I didn’t. J

Tomorrow is Yesterday – Part 1

I wrote this story a few years ago. I really liked how it turned out. Hope you do too.


Tomorrow is Yesterday (part 1)

You know that desire to go backwards in time and do everything over again? If you truly could go back and really do it over again would you? What would you change? These were the questions I now faced. I had the opportunity to go back and do it over again. I was looking forward to righting many wrongs in my life. The best part is that what I know now I will know then. I will be able to make the life I wanted for myself and the life that was taken from me so many years ago. Though some miraculous chance the Fates choose me out of six billion people to grant the one wish everyone has. I had always made a point not to regret the decisions of my past but that does not mean I would not change things if I could.

Why the Fates choose me, I will never know. I am just an average girl with an average life. I work a nine to five job and have your typical condo with a cat. I really had a good steady life. It was so boring. I did not have to think about anything. I was so jaded from my past I worked hard to have a simulation free life. Perhaps that is why the Fates picked me. I needed to have more excitement, I guess.

My story starts just like any other day. I got up to a blaring alarm clock. It was 7:00am. I glowered at the clock. I hated waking up. I much rather stay a sleep in a dark fog that seemed to numb out all feeling. Tentatively I put my toes on the floor. The cold hardwood floor was a huge deterrent from getting out of bed but I need to be at work in forty-five minutes. I knew they would stay in business if I never showed up but they acted like the world would end if I were five minutes late. I dragged my self out of bed and showered in scolding hot water hoping to warm up my house. I quickly toweled off and blow-dried my long auburn hair. I stood in front of the mirror and highlighted my ash-gray eyes in black eyeliner. I had always kept my makeup to a minimum but I had always like making my eyes pop. I dressed in a black mid-thigh tight pencil skirt and silk red blouse.