Sunday Meditations

Its been a very stressful week.  In the midst of it all I am trying to stay positive and focused. It’s not easy. We all must work to “be in the storm but not affected by it.” I heard this phrase in a speech give by a police chief.  While his statement was nearly lost in the longevity of his presentation it is, none the less, wise words. 


Love, Unconditional

So much has happen in the last few weeks. I have gotten two, possibly three offers to transfer. All my desire to leave MN and now I don’t have time. In the last three weeks I have traveled half the east coast and tramped around DC. Waited by the phone as my sister was over taken by one of the largest hurricanes to date. Spend too much time with my mom but appreciate her all the same. And still not enough time.

But there is always time to take in the moments. It only takes a moment. I thought about it when I noticed so much change in the leaves since I’ve been gone. In the smell of rain.  In the love of my cats. 

So if cats aren’t your thing that’s totally fine. If its cars, video games, a breeze, or whatever makes you realize that when your life seems to fall apart you can focus on these tiny moments and see so much more. Find your peace.  It will help in more ways then you will ever know.

Sunday Meditations


The hardest prison to escape is the mind.

 I have been thinking a lot about mental strength lately. You keep hearing all these cases about anxiety. Please, don’t get me wrong. I know there are many valid diagnoses of anxiety however, I don’t feel like everyone who claims to have the illness is truly ill. I have bouts of anxiety but I work through it. I don’t let it overcome me. I am worried we are not teaching our children how to deal with anxiety correctly.

 I had a lady on my flight back from Orlando who was nearly violent with her flying anxiety. She thrashed and cried and was very aggressive to her companion. I, seated next to her, had to hold her hand and explain to her that the sounds and actions were normal for a flight. Instead of her taking control of her mind she let it over power her. She let her mind take control and affect everyone around her. Now, I do not like turbulence. I become very nervous and anxious. However, I never let my mind take control. I grab a firm hold of myself and do not allow my mind to control my actions. This seems a normal way of things to me. Otherwise anyone with any action that is outside of their comfort zone would result in chaos.

 I recently re-read Hatchet. It’s a story about a young boy who survived a plane crash in the Canadian Wilderness. Throughout his 2 months lost in the woods many times he could have let his fear and despair incapacitate him. Through mental strength he survived and prospered. This was required reading when I was in school but if it isn’t perhaps it is to us to teach our children to have mental strength. It is our best asset and least used muscle. We need to exercise and develop our minds as we would our bodies. It is vital to our future. Be strong in body, heart, and MIND!