Sunday Meditation


I have felt very meek recently. I have be struggling to be strong and full. It takes courage to fight yourself. In our world today where we are bombarded with so much falseness being strong for yourself is hard. However, that is what is most needed in today’s world. Lots of courage and strength. It will never be easy to force yourself to stand up and stop the world from walking all over you. But take the time because it is important. Find your inner strength and roar!



Sunday Meditations


Many people look at me sideways because I am so willing to test the unknown. I know that it is human nature to ridicule things that are strange or beyond our capabilities. However, we need to make an effort to combat this urge. I tell people it isn’t that I’m not afraid it is that I don’t let the fear stop me. I believe if more people thought that way great changes would happen in the world. People who were letting the fear keeping them from asking for a raise, moving away, standing up to a bully, etc. would be able to change their path into a more desired direction. Don’t live through other people live your own life to the fullest. Scared but not stopped.