Sunday Meditations



I am not sure if he really said this. However, it is a fantastic thing to keep in mind. If you feel drained look at who is taking all your energy and make sure you are recharging to full.




A Twist of the Diamond

Have you ever had the shock of accepting something you were against before? It doesn’t necessary have to be something you were dead set against but something you maybe didn’t approve of or agree with. Then something changes in you and then that thing isn’t so bad. It has recently happened to me. It wasn’t a big issue or something life shattering but I feel off balanced. Like that last step I expected but it wasn’t there or when you see the 3D picture in the chaos of imagines. I had a friend tell me that knowledge is a diamond. Each facet holds wonders and you must turn the diamond to get all the information.

Embrace the new information. The problem happens when you shun or try to pretend the knowledge didn’t change you. This change doesn’t have to deal with facts. It could be an emotional thing. Like the moment when you realized that two people you know are closer then you thought. Or a character was the good guy all along.

I am not sure what to do with this new emotion and feeling. I am going to have to rethink everything! It will take time getting used to. But until then I will continue to explore these things and not shy away from change.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about here is a picture of Skittle Chicks. (These are chicks that are dyed in the shell and come out colored. Later they molt and look like normal chickens.)

rainbow chicks.jpg


Home Improvements

So this is why I have been so quiet. I have been painting my house. My mother came up to help and we knocked out some major projects. It has been a huge change and I love it. I have no desire to paint anymore, anytime soon. So here is what I have done so far. This is the dinning room. It was this bold farm house red. I went with Mosaic Blue. Its bold but at the same time not overbearing.

I picked out a neutral gray for the living room. It is called Quiet Rain. I wasn’t sure about how much I liked it. However, it has grown on me with the curtains, rug, and dark baseboards. I have ordered a Chesterfield type loveseat to go next to the chaise. Down the road I will get a full size Chesterfield couch. It really has matched the dinning room well.


The hallway and entry way took a long time to do. I might have done some sketchy stuff on the ladder to reach some of the corners but its DONE. Its hard to see but the color used to be yellow. Like a sunshine yellow. Now it is Fencepost White. Yes, I got it just for the name. While I like it better then the yellow it is a bit sterile. Once I get my storage trailer out of the snow bank I will be able to put my artwork up and that should help add character.







So now I am going to add shelves to the library. I have all the boards and brackets, I just need to do it. It is really coming together. I don’t think I will have to do any more indoor painting unless I want to change my bedroom. I would like use Quiet Rain in the laundry room because its super dark but that is for another time.



Home Sweet Home


So I have been in Maine three months now. I have been looking for a home to purchase. This is a big step for me since I am a diehard renter. I have finally decided a place to “home base” from and this is good as any. I looked at everything available in my area, in my price range, and ever lowering standards. I couldn’t find my ideal house in the country and have decided that a simple, in town home will suit my needs at this time.

I have been relying on my mother as a sounding board. She has had so much experience purchasing homes since we have moved around so much. However, the more I ask for her advice the less she is willing to be supportive. She began to give half answers and snide comments. I was really beginning to bring me down. I was starting to be deeply distressed.

I have made my decision. I feel so good in the choice. It isn’t the perfect place but really who’s first home is that perfect place. It will be a home. It will be great. I can continue to seek out the perfect place. Until then it will be HOME; MY house. And you are all welcome to visit!

Now starts the fun part with everyone looking for their pound. Why do I have to go through 15 people just to buy a home. The stress is driving me crazy and what makes it more difficult is I am working nights. Hard to sleep all day and still get all this taken care of. But it is coming. I am getting it squared away. Sigh….

Sunday Meditations



Life is stressful. That is part of life. There is always something going on or something to do. It is important to take moments to relax. I booked a trip about 6 weeks ago to Dublin. I had no real idea how busy my life would be at the time of the trip. Really it probably isn’t the best time to leave. However, it is only for the weekend and nothing will burn down while I am away. It is important to take opportunities as they present themselves. Instead of being stressed that I am leaving I will focus on enjoying my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.

Off to see the Wizard


I was just away for a weekend to my moms’ to help do chores around the farm. It was a very productive trip but we always butt heads if we are together more then three days. I was there three and a half. Today I packed again for another trip. Yes, I pack way ahead of time. This way I can add and subtract as needed. Anyways, I got wicked cheap tickets for Dublin for a long weekend and couldn’t say no. There is a lot going on right now. Stress is really high. However, to take a moment to myself is much needed. I plan to take full advantage of it.

Sunday Meditations


As 2017 comes to a close one thing keeps coming back to me. Be kind. This is my goal in life; be kind and spread kindness. I truly believe in paying if forward; that kindness begets kindness. It is the one thing that is free to give away and grows from that. Keep kindness in your heart as we move into 2018.