Book Review: August


I might hit 50 books this year!!! So exciting.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: I really enjoyed this book. Its very easy reading and any oddity about alien species is very well covered. The story flows well enough though there are a couple spots that seem to jump forward abruptly. Overall very fun! And I highly suggest it.

Discloser by Michael Crichton: Still one of my favorite authors of all times. It is fun to read some of his older works. He was talking about the future then that is our present now. This story involves computer equipment that we take for granted in our every day life. Cell phones and virtual reality seems like old news but this old story brings back the days when it was still in the bright future. If you are a Crichton fan or just want a good mystery this is a must read.

The Well of Time by Tom Henighan: It takes a while to get into a saga. They are tedious and wordy. This saga is no different. In the first hundred pages the heroine faces death and destruction a half dozen times. She runs into three bad guys (or girls) and is still clueless to her quest. It is a great read if you have a rainy day and no ambition to move for about 10 hours. For those looking for something more fast pace I’d pick something else.  


Book Reviews: May



The Ninth Circle by R. A. Harland Fantastic women’s version of The Dresden Files. Two sisters in search of their third. Powerful and strong women that will let nothing get in their way. Harland does a fantastic job building these characters and you can really feel their bond of kinship. Story flows well and goes by way too quickly. I received this book without cost in exchange for a honest review.

Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger This was a delightfully fun book. A simple, but classy, country girl goes off to finishing school. However, it isn’t a finishing school of the normal sense but instead, the school teaches you how to “finish” or kill a person. Great fun! The story is super fun and bright. The characters are lovely and well thought out. If you really like this one there is more in the series.

Queen of Spades by Michael Shou-Yung Shum  The suspense is killing me! This story is placed in Western Washington in a little town that only the locals might know. Makes the book even more special to Washingtonians. That aside this is a all around fantastic story. Very well devolved involving a tangled web around the Royal Casino. From the first bet placed you are hooked. The author does a fantastic job including explanations of the different type of games and casino life without boring the avid card play or insult the ignorant.  You might even learn a new card trick or two. You will have a hard time putting this book down.    I received this book without cost in exchange for a honest review.

A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M Miller Jr. Wow this is a interesting book. Just a little out there and unfortunately it drags toward the end. Great story about the end of the world as we know it. It is a little tongue in cheek. If you want an idea about what could happen after all the world leaders nuke each other this is the book for you.

Ekata: Fall of Darkness by Dominique Law Fantastic story of courage and friendship. Asher has always been shunned because he might have been the reason for his mothers death. After learning about a prophecy he find the truth is much more complicated. Together with his friends Asher goes on an amazing adventure to save the universe!!!

Take it to the Grave: Part One by Zoe Carter Hooked from the word go!!! Your heart goes out to new mother Sarah. She tries to be the perfect mother but with a flirtatious husband and a judgmental mother-in-law its hard. Sarah’s sister Maisey is a nurse without borders and is working hard to keep their childhood at bay. There is a huge past hanging over these girls but what can they do overcome it?


Other books Read

Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

Terminal Man by Michael Crichon

Sherlock Mars