Fun, Quick Weekend


So last Tuesday, my Roomie and I went to La Boheme. This is the opera of operas or at least that is what I thought. Beyond Phantom of the Opera what other opera can most non-opera people list. La Boheme. I really didn’t know much about the story line. The little bit of research I did said it was a love story of a group Bohemian people. Regardless of lack of information I was very excited. We left home and started the forever long drive to the big city. We stopped at our favorite thrift store and Shopko, taking our time heading to our hotel. I found our hotel on and was very excited to stay there. If you have never been to downtown St. Paul, MN (or even if you have) I recommend staying at Hotel 340. This is the old St. Paul Athletic Club. It is an amazing building with a lot history. Being from an era long past it was like stepping into the past. The ceiling, many stories above the lobby, had hand crafted detail and there was a fireplace so large you could walk into it. Just gorgeous. The hardwood floor looked original and there was random cabinets with beautifully carved detail. Our room was a tad small but we didn’t spend much time in it so that was ok. As soon as we unpacked we wandered around the area by the hotel.

We had dinner reservations a Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant. It was a grand restaurant and quite loud. We were looking forward to having some very yummy food and a glass or two of wine. Our appetizer of Tomato Basil Bruschetta was divine. The mozzarella puffs on top were like heaven in your mouth. Roomie had Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli that looked like a deep dish of goodness. The ricotta made the ravioli creamy and the spinach gave it the perfect zing. I had Three Meat Cannelloni that was almost too good to eat. But I did anyways. The meat was beautifully spiced. The white and red sauces, mixed together, complemented each other perfectly. The only complaint I had was there was too much cheese! I know I am going to hell just for saying that. You can never have too much cheese but it detracted from the meal. We complemented our meals with a glass of white wine. Over all fabulous.

From the restaurant it was just a few minutes’ walk to the Opera House. I was a little self-conscience walking around in an evening dress but soon we caught up with the Opera going crowd and fit right in. We were seated on the Balcony with a great view of the orchestra pit and nearly center stage. The story opens with 4 gentleman in a rundown apartment. They are very poor and in the dead of winter they all were freezing. The poet volunteers to burn one of his stories. “Quiet, my play is beginning…/…to the fire. I find it really sparkling!” The entire story is amusing with little lines like that. However, as a story it was somewhat light. Not a lot of depth. I will say these young men (and women) were fantastic. I imagine to sing opera in a foreign language and act at the same time takes a lot of talent. It was a wonderful experience.

The next day, on the way home, we stopped and shopped and spent way too much money. It was nice to have access to things we don’t in the Frozen North. We also found a new second hand book store that we spent way to much time browsing. This is a great way to spend the weekend. Now back to the grindstone. However, I leave in a week to Orlando and spend some time with my mom and sister. So much to do, so little time.


Summer gone?


Wow! August. Where does the time go? Have to say that the summer has been fun; in between the rain storms. It was a very light winter. I live in one of the coldest places in the USA and really we only got -30 for about three weeks. That’s very unusual for us. Normally we have a couple of months of subzero weather. Last Thanksgiving we could have been swimming. Well not really but compared to Thanksgiving of 2014 it was tropical here. Then this summer—rain. Nonstop, continual rain. It has been crazy. However, I have made good use of it. I went to Thailand with my sister, Mother’s day at my Grandma’s, Symphonies, Theater (Beauty and the Beast and Lion King), Opera (Rusalka), camping, kayaking, etc. This winter I have another three, maybe four, trips planned. So all in all very good year. Lots of fun. I hope that next year is just as good.

A lot of changes at work too. I have had lots of new trainings that will help me do my job better or at very least will get me out of the office more. Many crazy things happened, states wide, that has affected my outlook of my job and how we manage our daily lives. For those who might not know I am in Law Enforcement. It’s very scary knowing my brothers and sisters are getting shot down. Not for who or what they are but for what they do. How sad. Its sad loss of life, sad media coverage, sad the lack of support. Only after the second Baton Rouge shooting did management come down and say that we will no longer work alone. That lasted a whole week. I understand that in a small rural town it is easy to think that all that evil is so far away. But it’s not. Evil is everywhere. Sadly.

Now as fall is drawing nigh, I feel that I should blog another story. I have a few that are already written. I have many started. However, I would love some inspiration. Some ideas. If you guys think of anything let me know. Otherwise I can dig up my old writings and get something posted for now. J


How has your summer gone? Anything neat happened or you did? I can’t wait to hear.