Book Reviews: April


Wow, so busy this month but I am still chipping away. These are a great selection of books.

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami All I can say is this is a weird book. For the first half you have three different stories running together. There is a lot of crazy things happening. There is a little more discussion about bodily functions and parts than I care to read. But over all it was a unique read.

Double Cross by James Patterson This is a typical murder/cop books. One of the many Patterson puts out a year. The characters are well developed and the storyline is easy to follow. No frills or extra twists. I imagine it is hard to be extra creative when you produce multiple books in a year.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein Another classic Sci-fi. This one is computer/AI related. Really enjoying the tone of the story. Makes you wonder how smart computers can be.

Other Books

Once Gone by Black Pierce


Book Reviews: January


I try to get a good combination of all genres. I tend to lean towards fantasy but anything is worth trying. I have a great start to the year with these books. I have another 8 sitting on my nightstand and some dozens in my Amazon wish list.

Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: A wonderful Doyle classic that I have on audio. I listen to this on my way to and from work. It is a great distraction for any commuter. I was very excited to learn this was the story of when Sherlock and Watson meet. It was so wonderful to see the devolvement of their relationship. As always, Doyle writes in a most detailed manner like he was actually at the crime scene.

Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: By far one of my favorite set of authors. I have read everything they have published. Their main series, the Pendergast Series, is beyond a work of genius. Their individual side stories are equally engaging and riveting. The Gideon Series is no less amazing. If you have never read in your life or are looking for something new look no farther then Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Song of the Beast by Carol Berg: This book I found in a library sale for .99. So glad I grabbed it because I think I have found another author to follow. The story isn’t for the light of heart. Our main character was just released from a torture camp after 17 year. All for a crime he didn’t know he committed. Berg does a wonderful job keeping you on the edge of your seat as you see what Aiden finds out about his prison sentence. Great stand alone story but you will want to read Bergs other series.

Jackaby by William Ritter: This book was suggested on another blog I read. I have to admit I was very impressed with this story. The cover says its Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not far from the truth. Great fun little story set in the 1800s. It was a fun book to read. There are more in the series and I might just have to read them.


Other Books I read:

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

From Russia with Love by Ian Flemming

Dragon Revenant (book 4) by Katharine Kerr




Story #3

I wrote this story after watching a vampire movie. It made me think what it would be like as a hunted vampire of today. This is what came to mind.


My exhale was slow and deep. The expression on my face was calm and relaxed. He was starting at me. I could feel his eyes looking over my features. I know he does not look because of anything more than primal desires. His bed that I lay on was lumpy and old. His room I was hiding out in was covered in posters and graffiti. Most of the scribbling on the wall were lyrics for some song that he wanted to compose. I smiled to myself at the thought; He will never compose. He did not have the motivation to. The desire, yes, but the motivation, no. I inhaled deep the smoky air of the room. They were smoking the second blunt of the night. The other two were of no interest to me. They were just extra entertainment.

She is mine, he thought to himself. She can not get enough of the Rock Star. His ego was bigger then his so call stardom. He stared at her face. She was in a deep sleep. Her breaths were deep and slow and he knew she was out cold. His eyes moved down the soft skin of her neck. Singer boy licked his lips as his eyes moved across the exquisite breasts that threaten to fall out of the fabric that wrapped around her top. A muscle twitched under his left eye as he looked at the tight stomach that was only half covered by the blanket. For a moment he pained to have something better than a rag to cover her beautiful body. He wished he could show her something better than cardboard box he lived in now. He wanted a large house and a big bank account to show off. Then his attention turned to the blunt now being passed back to him. Ahh to be high…

Inhale. The mortals were so … what’s the word… boring, idle, unambitious. Was there just one word to describe what the human kind was? So much talent and potential wasted on those who do not use it. If only the motivated person could be given the talent of the unmotivated. I guess it takes millennia for a being to learn about motivation. I sighed, to be human…

Crack!!! The window shattered and I felt the bullet glide across my arm to embed itself in the wall by my head. I was standing in a heartbeat. I was a fool to think that they would not find me here. Damn dogs! I cursed. Well, I was getting bored with this group anyhow. I looked one last time at “His Highness”. My black duster wrapped around my boots as my motion stopped. From the twist of my body my deep red top showed just enough skin that his eyes glazed. Huh! I amused. It always humored me to see guys drool. Another bullet came through the window and stuck in the door behind me. I plucked the bullet from the door kissed it and threw it at lover boy. And with a wink I was gone.