Long weekend

I have been meaning to write all weekend and then things go sideways. Thing never go as I planned. Especially when my mom is involved. I keep thinking that things will change with her. But, alas it never does. I always set myself up for failure. I need to just understand that things won’t ever get better.

It goes without saying that the weekend wasn’t as good as it could have been. There was good things though. I got to see Shamu at Seaworld. Such wonderful creatures. The park was great and we saw walruses, penguins, and seals. I haven’t been to SeaWorld for years and it was great to see the sights. This is the last generation of Orca that SeaWorld will have and I was glad to see them before they leave. The penguins were in like 40*F snowy room. It was such a shock from 90*F outside. We also went to Epcot and walked around. It was interesting to see what they think are the highlights of the countries they have on display. Still way too hot.


Seems like I should have been more productive over the week I was gone. I don’t know where the time went. I do know that we went to Lowes 4 times and Walmart 5 times. What black holes those places are. Now back at home I feel like it’s time to play catch-up. So much outdoor stuff to do and I leave again in 2 weeks for a work detail. However, on a good note, there is a work opportunity that should open up soon and get me out of Minnesota. I can’t wait! I have been here too long.

I will get caught up more with you all as I get some more free time. I have been thinking of where I want to travel to next. I am thinking of India and Nepal. Any suggestions or ideas?


To Grandmother’s house…

My Grandparent’s trip to Europe in 1980


So I have made it home. About 12 hours ago and now I am at work. Oh yay! My trip to my grandparents was wonderful. I should not have waited so long to see them. My grandmother’s birthday is on Mother’s Day. She will be 90. Grandpa is 94. And they are both very capable people. They still manage doing everything on their own. No major medical issues. If I didn’t know better I would say they are much younger. My Grandpa even drives and not too scary at that!

 I arrived Thursday evening. They were so happy to pick me up at the tiny little airport of their retirement community. I was happy to be in some warmer weather since we can’t get out of the 40s in the Northern Wilderness. They had to take me to a restaurant that they swore I’ve never been to even though it is the same one they take me to every time I visit. The food sucks in my opinion but my grandfather gets a kick out of the lewd pictures on the wall. He enjoys pointing them out. Sigh men are always men no matter how old. I’ve been to their cozy home before and settled in just fine. They were so excited that I was there.

 The next morning was spent lounging and relaxing (for me at least). Breakfast was served promptly when I got up; cereal, toast, and O.J.. I read and enjoyed the warm, dry air. They watched Matlock and their soap. The typical stuff you watch when you are sick on a week day. LOL. Lunch was very simple. One piece of bread and one piece of sandwich meat. I may have splurged and had two pieces of meat. After I got a tour of the town. They showed me all the sights they normally show me. Then they took me to the casino to see if I could get any free play as a new member. I won $5 but played it. We stopped at the grocery store where I found out my grandpa likes asparagus. I bought some so that we could have it with dinner. Then I paid for groceries, a splurge at $15, while they fussed at me.

 Dinner was roast with a half dozen type of veggies. Grandpa like the way I made the asparagus and ate 3 servings! And this is how my weekend went, being doted on and fussed at. We went and saw Jungle Book. Got to say it was awesome! It’s amazing for me to think that they were both born in the ‘20s. The life they have lead is amazing. They have traveled a bit. They raised three children. They have grandchildren and great grandchildren. It just beyond comprehension. I talked with them about their parents who were born in the late 1800s. Amazing we can cross that century mark in just a few generation.

 I will have to go back soon. I know they probably only have about 5 more years with us. It is going to be very sad but I treasure every moment with them. I am so proud my grandparents actually text me. Well before I really bore you I will sigh off. I will post another part of my story soon.